Welcome to FRAME’s Staff Picks, where our staff members showcase their favorite pieces from different seasons. In this edition we explore FW21 with our E-commerce Coordinator Sam.
  • Staff Picks Vol. 20

    Staff Picks Vol. 20

    STAFF PICKS A COMME DES GARÇONS SPRING March 17, 2021 The FRAME staff step into their daily routines this spring with their picks from the latest arrivals of the Comme des Garcons line-up. Matching his lively personality, Amirlan hits the shop floor in a set of the vibrant Comme des Garcons SHIRT. Mustafa, on the other hand, dons a classic mix-garment washed set by...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 19

    Staff Picks Vol. 19

    STAFF PICKS A WINTER DAY IN THE LIFE OF VICTOR January 28, 2021 In this week’s Staff Picks we tag along with fellow staff member Victor to see how he spends his time during a typical winter day in Dubai. We catch Victor styling pieces from Nanamica, BLACK Comme des Garcons and Comme des Garcons Shirt as he commutes to work, relaxes at the...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 18

    Staff Picks Vol. 18

    STAFF PICKS Volume 18 December 17, 2020 2020 was the year of new norms with unexpected transformations. FRAME team greets the holiday season and prepares to ring in the new year in our signature FRAME style. The holiday edition of Staff Picks is ultimate guide on gifting friends and family and showing a well-deserved self-love. MUSTAFA What's your new year's resolution? To hit the...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 17

    Staff Picks Vol. 17

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 17 November 12, 2020 STYLE #33 STYLE #34
  • Staff Picks Vol. 16

    Staff Picks Vol. 16

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 16 November 8, 2020 STYLE #31 STYLE #32
  • Staff Picks Vol. 15

    Staff Picks Vol. 15

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 15   November 1, 2020 STYLE #29 STYLE #30
  • Staff Picks Vol. 14

    Staff Picks Vol. 14

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 14   October 25, 2020 STYLE #027 STYLE #028
  • Staff Picks Vol. 13

    Staff Picks Vol. 13

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 13   October 18, 2020 STYLE #025 STYLE #026
  • Staff Picks Vol. 12

    Staff Picks Vol. 12

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 12   October 11, 2020 STYLE #023 STYLE #024
  • Staff Picks Vol. 11

    Staff Picks Vol. 11

    STAFF PICKS Volume 11 October 4, 2020 STYLE #021 STYLE #022
  • Staff Picks Vol. 10

    Staff Picks Vol. 10

    STAFF PICKS Volume 10 September 20, 2020 STYLE #019 STYLE #020
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