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For this edition of FRAME staff picks, each staffer gets to curate what they would purchase at FRAME, ranging from fragrances, apparel, footwear, lifestyle items, etc. The challenge is, their picks need to be within a 700 AED budget. Some of them opted for full outfits and managed to spend just the right amount, some went for basic items and still went over the budget.

Written and Edited by: Nathaniel Enriquez

Raks’ style is along the lines of grunge, mixing japanese streetwear with 80s punk rock. He went for a straightforward approach with this one, making sure he smells good in the process.

Nathaniel is more on the minimal and practical side, opting to get a basic tee with a hat combo, while making sure he stays inspired with a photobook by artist/skateboarder Blondey McCoy.

Bek went with a dynamic yet calculated approach with his picks, by making sure he got his skate essentials, from a deck to hardware, while making sure he's swaggin at the park. Extra points for nailing the budget exactly.

Moss’ picks highlight his fondness of incense, picking a statement piece for his crib with an incense holder, and a simple tee from Civilist.

Prince managed to build an outfit with his budget, going full PLEASURES with the tee and pants he picked as well as adding new trinkets to his collection.

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