• Build A Skateboard

    Build A Skateboard

    SKATEBOARD ASSEMBLY TUTORIAL January 14, 2021 Whether you’re a newbie just getting into skating or you’re simply starting a new DIY project, assembling your own skateboard is quick, easy, and fun. Grab your equipment and tools, and prepare yourself for the skating season. WHAT YOU WILL NEED 1. Skate deck 2. A pair of trucks (2) 3. A set of wheels (4) 4. Skate...
  • FRAME Skate Jam 16

    FRAME Skate Jam 16

    Skate videos have been a key component in popularizing the skateboarding culture. These films have served as inspirations to so many skaters from around the world. In the upcoming FRAME SKATE JAM 16, let’s celebrate the bond between riders and videographers. Riders get your skateboard, and videographers grab your camera to capture that perfect moment. In the newest format “Quick Run,” riders need to...
  • Frame Skate Jam 15

    Frame Skate Jam 15

    FRAME Skate Jam “Happy Go Skate Day" There could be monsters under your bed, viruses outside, dragons in the sky, but nothing can stop us from riding into the sunset. We continue to push forward and support passionate skaters through the upcoming Frame Skate Jam 15.As a continuation of the “Explorer” format, the competition will consist of two categories. Participating skaters must pick a...
  • Frame Skate Jam 14

    Frame Skate Jam 14

    FRAME Skate Jam 14 “Explorer Edition” Despite the pandemic that keeps the skateparks shut and social gatherings limited, FRAME is still finding ways to celebrate skateboarding. For the 14th edition of Frame Skate Jam, we are inviting everyone to flex their skill and show off their style in the new skate competition format called “Explorer”.The competition consists of two categories and requires skaters to...
  • Frame Skate Jam 13

    Frame Skate Jam 13

    FRAME Skate Jam “Zoom Edition" A worldwide lockdown can’t stop us from skating. FRAME SKATE JAM will be back in the ZOOM edition.For our first online competition, we will have a Game of S.K.A.T.E live via ZOOM Conference. Big shoutout who showed some love and participated.Our Winners:Women's Division :First Place: Maria CrisostomoSecond Place: Sarah Joy Men's Division : Class AFirst Place: Vincent SolivarSecond Place:...
  • FRAME Skate Jam 8

    FRAME Skate Jam 8

    “That was scary.” Thanks to everyone who came through to jam with us on Frame Skate Jam 8 and brought the beautiful vibe of joy and celebration of skateboarding.   Check out the recap below and see you next month!
  • FRAME Skate Jam 7

    FRAME Skate Jam 7

    Did you miss the last FRAME Skate Jam?!No worries, this month we’re back with the 7th edition of the Skate Jam. The weather is getting better, your friends are back from their summer vacation – there is no better time to enjoy a good skate contest! Call your friends, parents, their parents, your kids and future wife or husband to join us to on...
  • FRAME Skate Jam 6

    FRAME Skate Jam 6

    Frame Skate Jam is coming back this month with the 6th edition. Frame Skate Jam is an opportunity to gather the community to celebrate the art of skateboarding and to have fun together. As part of our ongoing mission to contribute to the development of the local skate scene once every month. We organize this event to educate and inspire. Join us to celebrate...
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