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This weeks edition of FRAME's Staff Picks, focuses on BLACKEYEPATCH's new SS22 collection, where we provide some outfit inspiration in the form of a style guide. Each outfit is handpicked by a different staff member, showcasing some of their favorite pieces from the products we have available.

Photography By: Miguel Rasco

Keeping things clean with a fit for the spring season, we’ve paired the Handle With Care Label Hoodie along with some simple cargo shorts, and some olive Chuck 70’s to tie the neutral aesthetic altogether. Topped off with the B Emblem Cap to match the red hits of the Chucks.

A relatively simple and comfortable fit, the flannel consists of it’s own hood giving the layered look but without the added weight of another garment as the flannel has a good weight on itself. For bottoms not a lot of colors you could miss with this but black is definitely up there as an enhancer. Classic chucks and a green cap to top of the look will let you wear this fit from a casual morning to a social evening. Colorwise the basic hues of the flannel sync very will with the green of the cap.

Along the lines of our neutral palette, we’ve paired the Big Business 2 Tone Hoodie along with the Ripstop Denim Cargo Pants, for the breezier days. A subtle yet cohesive fit finished off with some CDG x Asics runners on feet.

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