• Staff Picks September Week 4

    Staff Picks September Week 4

    STAFF PICKS Week 4 September '20 STYLE #017 STYLE #018
  • Bianca Chandon / Call Me 917

    Bianca Chandon / Call Me 917

    Bianca Chandôn / Call me 917 Skate culture is rapidly becoming more entangled in the world of fashion. One man that transcends the boundaries between both worlds is Alex Olson, a skater-entrepreneur who founded Bianca Chandon and Call Me 917. Founder of Medicom Toy Tatsuhiko Akashi for Tokyo Otaku Mode The son of a former professional skateboarder Steve Olson, Alex Olson's first memory of...
  • Staff Picks September Week 3

    Staff Picks September Week 3

    STAFF PICKS Week 3 September '20 STYLE #015 STYLE #016


    Medicom Toy Once a small-scale toy manufacturer to what we know today as the titan of collectable toys, Medicom Toy continues to cultivate the toys into a “premium” lifestyle through its rarity from limited production and collaborations that hold cultural significance. Founder of Medicom Toy Tatsuhiko Akashi for Tokyo Otaku Mode History of Medicom Toy Medicom Toy was founded by Tatsuhiko Akashi, an ordinary...
  • Staff Picks September Week 2

    Staff Picks September Week 2

    STAFF PICKS Week 2 September '20 STYLE #013 STYLE #014
  • Nanamica FW20

    Nanamica FW20

    NANAMICA Fall-Winter 2020 Lookbook With over 30 years' experience in the outdoor fashion industry, Eiichiro Homma is a true veteran when it comes to design and innovation. The majority of his was centered around his work with the Outdoor Sportswear Division of GOLDWIN INC. where he worked as a designer and marketer, developing technical gear for companies such as The North Face, Helly Hansen...
  • Staff Picks September Week 1

    Staff Picks September Week 1

    STAFF PICKS Week 1 September '20 STYLE #011 STYLE #012
  • Junya Watanabe Man FW20

    Junya Watanabe Man FW20

    JUNYA WATANABE MAN Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 Lookbook The protégé of the legendary Rei Kawakubo, former pattern maker for COMME des GARÇONS, and former director of CDG’s Tricot knitwear, , Junya Watanabe is an iconic Japanese designer. There have not been many publications or documentations of neither Watanabe’s professional nor personal life during the 36 years of his career. But in the very rare times when...
  • Staff Picks August Week 4

    Staff Picks August Week 4

    STAFF PICKS Week 4 August '20 STYLE #009 STYLE #010
  • Comme Des Garçons Girl FW20

    Comme Des Garçons Girl FW20

    COMME DES GARÇONS GIRL Fall-Winter 2020 Lookbook Founded in 2015, Comme des Garçons GIRL is a womenswear diffusion line that is focused around playful and naïve looks with kawaii meets avant-garde aesthetic. Fall Winter 20 is a continuation of that signature Comme des Garçons GIRL expression. Highlights of the collection are 80s punk tartan-pattern reconstructed on pleated garments, relaxed trousers and midi skirts;traditional design...
  • Comme Des Garçons Shirt FW20

    Comme Des Garçons Shirt FW20

    COMME DES GARÇONS SHIRT Fall-Winter 2020 Lookbook COMME des GARÇONS is a multi-brand fashion company with 30 brands under its umbrella, created and founded by Rei Kawakubo. The label was founded in 1969 and debuted in Paris in 1981. As once described as, ‘Your favorite designer’s favorite designers’, she is a living legend whose punk attitude against the status quo has brought a cult...
  • Staff Picks August Week 3

    Staff Picks August Week 3

    STAFF PICKS Week 3 August '20 STYLE #007 STYLE #008
  • Undercover "Fallen Man"

    Undercover "Fallen Man"

    UNDERCOVER Fall-Winter 2020 Lookbook As we remain true to our mission in introducing people to the nature of premium lifestyle and fashion, Undercover is a gem that shines bright amongst the wide brand selections of FRAME. It started at some time in the beginning of the 90’s when the founder of the brand, Jun Takahashi, was studying at the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo...
  • Staff Picks August Week 2

    Staff Picks August Week 2

    STAFF PICKS Week 2 August '20 STYLE #005 STYLE #006
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 8

    Inside FRAME Vol. 8

    Inside Frame Vol. 8 In the final volume of the spin-off of featuring friends “inside” FRAME, we sat with Azra Khamissa who is in the vanguard of bringing timeless, contemporary aesthetic into traditional practice of henna. The creative mastermind of her eponymous brand AZRA, she squeezes and pushes her way through a creative journey to spread the beauty of self-expression in the form of...
  • Staff Picks July Week 4

    Staff Picks July Week 4

    STAFF PICKS Week 4 July '20 STYLE #003 STYLE #004
  • FRAME Skate Jam 16

    FRAME Skate Jam 16

    Skate videos have been a key component in popularizing the skateboarding culture. These films have served as inspirations to so many skaters from around the world. In the upcoming FRAME SKATE JAM 16, let’s celebrate the bond between riders and videographers. Riders get your skateboard, and videographers grab your camera to capture that perfect moment. In the newest format “Quick Run,” riders need to...
  • Staff Picks July Week 3

    Staff Picks July Week 3

    STAFF PICKS Week 3 July '20 STYLE #001 STYLE #002
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 7

    Inside FRAME Vol. 7

    Inside Frame Vol. 7 Artist, designer, and light keeper on a path to awaken minds, Ayesha Alyassi speaks about her brainchild Lahjtna and the purpose of self-expression in her life. What is Lahjtna and how was it born? Lahjtna translates into “dialect” in Arabic. I wouldn’t say it’s Emirati dialect, but this word is really common in the Middle East. Lahjtna started as a...
  • BlackEyePatch Pre-Fall 2020 Lookbook

    BlackEyePatch Pre-Fall 2020 Lookbook

    BlackEyePatch Pre-Fall 2020 Lookbook BlackEyePatch, a label hailing from the epicenter of Japanese street culture, Shibuya in Tokyo, earned acclaim through its deliberate refusal to pander to contemporary online culture. If one Googles “BlackEyePatch”, no photos of their designers’ faces appear. In completely rejecting the promotion of anything other than product, they hope to focus all the attention on BEP’s offering instead. Their wholehearted...
  • Frame Skate Jam 15

    Frame Skate Jam 15

    FRAME Skate Jam “Happy Go Skate Day" There could be monsters under your bed, viruses outside, dragons in the sky, but nothing can stop us from riding into the sunset. We continue to push forward and support passionate skaters through the upcoming Frame Skate Jam 15.As a continuation of the “Explorer” format, the competition will consist of two categories. Participating skaters must pick a...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 6

    Inside FRAME Vol. 6

    Inside Frame Vol. 6 When the peaked cap is off, this globetrotter dressed in Brain Dead with some Nike SB dunks rides into the sunset on Harley Davidson’s cruiser bike. Ahmad Almuhairi tells his journey through discovering his personal style and passion in motorcycles. How did you get into the game?   I started from the bottom-up, from sneakers. I used to be like...
  • Dreamland Syndicate "Postboredom"

    Dreamland Syndicate "Postboredom"

    Dreamland Syndicate Postboredom “The cities have exhausted us and we have started to feel bored and anxious. We imagined a different course of history, a Haight-Ashbury 60s hippie-beatnik-pre punk community. We have exhausted our cities and started to seek autonomy inside of a cyber syndicate. The end of boredom is a shift in a way we experience time and seek new rituals. Post-boredom is...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 5

    Inside FRAME Vol. 5

    Inside Frame Vol. 5 One of the most rewarding aspects in realizing FRAME’s vision to develop a premium lifestyle and inspire people to discover the art of hype, is meeting like-minded people who share the same love for this culture. In the next few volumes, we will be meeting up with friends who are “inside” FRAME’s universe and learn more about their inspiration and...
  • Frame Skate Jam 14

    Frame Skate Jam 14

    FRAME Skate Jam 14 “Explorer Edition” Despite the pandemic that keeps the skateparks shut and social gatherings limited, FRAME is still finding ways to celebrate skateboarding. For the 14th edition of Frame Skate Jam, we are inviting everyone to flex their skill and show off their style in the new skate competition format called “Explorer”.The competition consists of two categories and requires skaters to...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 4

    Inside FRAME Vol. 4

    Inside Frame Vol. 4 He’s the guy you want to go to when it comes to skateboarding. Scurrying the crowd from one end of the skate park to the other at FRAME’s monthly skate jams, Jeff radiated as he swooshes on his signature F***ing Awesome deck. The true OG “Kuya Jeff” walks us through his journey into skateboarding and his love for punk rock...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 3

    Inside FRAME Vol. 3

    Inside Frame Vol. 3 If you ever visited FRAME in person, you might have had the opportunity of engaging in a conversation with this lanky gentleman in round gold framed specs, wearing rare Nixon watch that reads out the time, and strolling in mismatched Nike Dunks. Beaming as he walks you through the floor, conversations about his eccentric approach to fashion, music, and life...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 2

    Inside FRAME Vol. 2

    Inside Frame Vol. 2 There is only one man behind the lens, capturing and creating pretty much all the content in FRAME’s universe from retail product shots, graphic posters, website pages, to coffee and even ramen shoots. Russel Inocencio dives into his passion for graphic design, art of photography, and love for Star Wars. Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 1

    Inside FRAME Vol. 1

    Inside Frame Vol. 1 Most people know Peter as a man of very few words and quite inscrutable. In the first edition of Inside Frame, the founder of FRAME opens the door to his personal space and shares his passion as an avid collector. Walk us through your 24-hour day. My day starts at 9AM. A small number of the crew are still coming...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    We're back with the 5th edition of FRAME TAPES with a very special guest, the true OG, Frezidante. Big Frez blesses us with juicy vices to help us tune out fro all that's going on right now in the world. Tune into this mixtape and let your soul bounce. Artwork by: @rawsil & @frezidante