• Inside FRAME Vol. 9

    Inside FRAME Vol. 9

    INSIDE FRAME VOL. 9 STORY OF THE ROMANCE February 11, 2021 Returning with a special kama muta edition just in time for Valentine’s Day, FRAME's content creator Clara and coffee guru Victor recount their romantic anecdote and shared appreciation for artisanship and give the perfect dinner date recipe.   After a short break, INSIDE FRAME is back with the very special episode. We’ve spent...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 19

    Staff Picks Vol. 19

    STAFF PICKS A WINTER DAY IN THE LIFE OF VICTOR January 28, 2021 In this week’s Staff Picks we tag along with fellow staff member Victor to see how he spends his time during a typical winter day in Dubai. We catch Victor styling pieces from Nanamica, BLACK Comme des Garcons and Comme des Garcons Shirt as he commutes to work, relaxes at the...
  • Sci-Fi Fantasy

    Sci-Fi Fantasy

    Sci-Fi Fantasy January 21, 2021 As long as capitalism is omnipresent in today’s world, skateboarding is not a lucky one who could escape the virus of commercialization. Today’s story is about Sci-Fi Fantasy, the brand that represents the complete freedom from corporate mentality with full ambiguity and fun that comes with it. To understand Sci-Fi Fantasy, we need to know the story of it’s...
  • Build A Skateboard

    Build A Skateboard

    SKATEBOARD ASSEMBLY TUTORIAL January 14, 2021 Whether you’re a newbie just getting into skating or you’re simply starting a new DIY project, assembling your own skateboard is quick, easy, and fun. Grab your equipment and tools, and prepare yourself for the skating season. WHAT YOU WILL NEED 1. Skate deck 2. A pair of trucks (2) 3. A set of wheels (4) 4. Skate...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 18

    Staff Picks Vol. 18

    STAFF PICKS Volume 18 December 17, 2020 2020 was the year of new norms with unexpected transformations. FRAME team greets the holiday season and prepares to ring in the new year in our signature FRAME style. The holiday edition of Staff Picks is ultimate guide on gifting friends and family and showing a well-deserved self-love. MUSTAFA What's your new year's resolution? To hit the...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 17

    Staff Picks Vol. 17

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 17 November 12, 2020 STYLE #33 STYLE #34
  • Dime


    DIME November 15, 2020 In an industry where you can create without any boundaries, having fun is part of the profession. The brand that epitomizes the embracement of true self, Dime proves how you can make it big without selling out.     It all started when a group of friends formed a skate crew and filmed their adventures around Montreal. Dime grew into...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 16

    Staff Picks Vol. 16

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 16 November 8, 2020 STYLE #31 STYLE #32


    BLACK COMME DES GARÇON November 8, 2020 “One cannot fight the battle without freedom. I think the best way to find that battle, which equals the unyielding spirit, is in the realm of creation. That’s exactly why freedom and the spirit of defiance is the source of my energy.” - Rei Kawakubo     2008 was a year of global frustration. Financial crisis was...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 15

    Staff Picks Vol. 15

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 15   November 1, 2020 STYLE #29 STYLE #30


    AFFIX November 1, 2020 Started off as a collaborative project, AFFIX consists of Central Saint Martins graduate Kiko Kostadinov, MACKINTOSH creative director and his protege Taro Ray, London based- stylist and creative consultant Stephen Mann, and Gimme-5 founder, and now Stüssy UK director, Michael Kopelman.     AFFIX initially appeared as a radio music program on a pirate radio station Know Wave.The show brings...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 14

    Staff Picks Vol. 14

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 14   October 25, 2020 STYLE #027 STYLE #028
  • ERL


    ERL October 25, 2020 Today’s story is about Eli Russel Linnetz. Linnetz is a young, multi-hyphenate with a rich experience of working with celebrities such as Lady Gaga for the sets of Enigma Tour and Kanye West in directing his Fade and Famous music videos, and now his personal ‘meditative’ project turned fashion brand – ERL.      The first works of ERL appeared...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 13

    Staff Picks Vol. 13

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 13   October 18, 2020 STYLE #025 STYLE #026
  • Brain Dead

    Brain Dead

    BRAIN DEAD October 15, 2020 Long ago in the distant future, shape-shifting masters decided to send a message of truth to earthlings of the twenty-first century. They found a radio portal to channel the message through the chosen ones, Kyle Ng and Ed Davis, and the message is told through the creativity of Brain Dead.     The Californian native and founder of both...


    RASSVET 7 October 11, 2020 Rassvet (PACCBET) is a skate brand turned high-end streetwear brand, which brings a new energy to the fashion, art, skateboarding, and music scene in their city in a community of likeminded Muscovites. The word Rassvet, meaning “sunrise”, illustrates this community’s common desire to highlight a new dawn in Russian youth culture.     Founded by Comme des Garçons alumni...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 12

    Staff Picks Vol. 12

    STAFF PICKS   Volume 12   October 11, 2020 STYLE #023 STYLE #024
  • Staff Picks Vol. 11

    Staff Picks Vol. 11

    STAFF PICKS Volume 11 October 4, 2020 STYLE #021 STYLE #022
  • Neighborhood


    NEIGHBORHOOD Founder of Neighborhood Shinzoku Takizawa Neighborhood was born in 1994 as an official part of Tokyo’s triumvirate of legendary brands to spring out from the Ura-Hara era. Along with BAPE and UNDERCOVER from NOWHERE store, Neighborhood uplifted streetwear to the heights no one had ever seen before. But unlike BAPE’s penchant for hip-hop and Undercover’s nod to avant-garde and punk, Neighborhood would play...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 10

    Staff Picks Vol. 10

    STAFF PICKS Volume 10 September 20, 2020 STYLE #019 STYLE #020
  • Fucking Awesome

    Fucking Awesome

    FA & JASON DILL   September 26, 2020 Fucking Awesome, or commonly shortened as FA, is not only a skateboard company but also a noted fashion brand. Founded by Jason Dill, who is considered “bright like the morning star” in the skateboard scene since 2001, is a true living legend. The story of his life is quite an interesting one. He’s been destroyed but...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 9

    Staff Picks Vol. 9

    STAFF PICKS Volume 9 September 20, 2020 STYLE #017 STYLE #018
  • Bianca Chandôn / Call Me 917

    Bianca Chandôn / Call Me 917

    Bianca Chandôn / Call me 917 September 19, 2020 The son of a former professional skateboarder Steve Olson, Alex Olson's first memory of skateboarding goes back to when he was six, seeing Christian Hosi doing airs on a half-pipe while talking on a cordless phone. At age ten, Alex moved from Santa Monica to live with this father in Malibu, where he picked up...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 8

    Staff Picks Vol. 8

    STAFF PICKS Volume 8 September 13, 2020 STYLE #015 STYLE #016


    Medicom Toy September 12, 2020 Once a small-scale toy manufacturer to what we know today as the titan of collectable toys, Medicom Toy continues to cultivate the toys into a “premium” lifestyle through its rarity from limited production and collaborations that hold cultural significance. HISTORY OF MEDICOM TOY Medicom Toy was founded by Tatsuhiko Akashi, an ordinary salaryman who was growing tired of his...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 7

    Staff Picks Vol. 7

    STAFF PICKS Volume 7 September 6, 2020 STYLE #013 STYLE #014
  • Nanamica FW20

    Nanamica FW20

    NANAMICA Fall-Winter 2020 Lookbook With over 30 years' experience in the outdoor fashion industry, Eiichiro Homma is a true veteran when it comes to design and innovation. The majority of his was centered around his work with the Outdoor Sportswear Division of GOLDWIN INC. where he worked as a designer and marketer, developing technical gear for companies such as The North Face, Helly Hansen...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 6

    Staff Picks Vol. 6

    STAFF PICKS Volume 6 September 1, 2020 STYLE #011 STYLE #012
  • Junya Watanabe Man FW20

    Junya Watanabe Man FW20

    JUNYA WATANABE MAN Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 Lookbook The protégé of the legendary Rei Kawakubo, former pattern maker for COMME des GARÇONS, and former director of CDG’s Tricot knitwear, Junya Watanabe is an iconic Japanese designer.     There have not been many publications or documentations of neither Watanabe’s professional nor personal life during the 36 years of his career. But in the very rare times...
  • Staff Picks Vol. 5

    Staff Picks Vol. 5

    STAFF PICKS Volume 5 August 23, 2020 STYLE #009 STYLE #010