• FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    We're back with the 5th edition of FRAME TAPES with a very special guest, the true OG, Frezidante. Big Frez blesses us with juicy vices to help us tune out fro all that's going on right now in the world. Tune into this mixtape and let your soul bounce. Artwork by: @rawsil & @frezidante
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 4

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 4

    The fourth edition of FRAME TAPES is a mix by our close friend Ahmed "Maz". Since Maz is not a DJ nor a musician makes this tape is even more special. This mix is a pure appreciation and tribute to the hip-hop most influential producer J-Dilla. James Dewitt Yancey a.k.a J-Dilla was a beat maker and producer who emerged in the mid-1990s underground scene...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 3 "Desert Kids"

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 3 "Desert Kids"

    The third edition of FRAME TAPES is a mix by our friend @DJLiutik, featuring the music of artists from the Middle East region. “Desert Kids” is the name of this sound experience. FRAME TAPES Vol.3 is a pure juice of fresh sound and beautiful vibe that touches the heart and inspires the mind. "Desert Kids" is exactly what we need to hydrate our souls...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 2

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 2

    The second release of FRAME TAPES was mixed by our good friend Sizer. Sizer blessed us with sets of beautiful sets of Afro House full of joy and peace. Hope you enjoyed those mixes half as much we enjoyed catching up with Sizer for the short Q&A about his perspective on music and taste in sound. What's the role of music in your life?...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 1

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 1

    FRAME TAPES VOL. 1 Music is the primary source of our inspiration and plays a significant role in shaping our perspective. Frame Tapes is a series of mixtapes produced and mixed by our friends who shares the same depth of love and interest to the most beautiful form of art in the whole universe.     Post-boredom is not a re-enactment of the past...
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