• FRAME Tapes Vol. 13

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 13

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 13 - SHI'LO Creative to a fault, shi’LO encapsulates sonic expression through every medium he employs. DJ, producer, singer, rapper, songwriter, engineer and more, shi’LO takes no shortcuts in the artistic process. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia; shi’LO has had a long relationship with music, whether through instrumentalism, songwriting and later in life DJing at nightclubs and festivals. Along with...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 12

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 12

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 12 - SATWA 3000 On the latest volume of FRAME TAPES we have Maxime Cramatte aka Satwa 3000. Though it may be hard to categorize Maxime’s creative practice, his love for remixed culture and his foundation in motion graphics are immediately apparent. If Art Brut, a Kushti wrestler, and a shawarma rotisserie were blended with ice and served at an underground DJ...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 11

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 11

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 11 - JEROME DELIGERO On the latest volume of FRAME TAPES we have Jerome Deligero; a singer/songwriter born, raised, and based in Dubai, producing and writing lush guitar-driven indie-pop. Deligero's music is the observation of life before his eyes, with his writing cited as a "Combination of hope and worry". Deligero is primarily known in the music scene as a sideman, playing...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 10

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 10

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 10 - SHEF CODES Inspired by the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff and other hip-hop and R&B/Urban DJs, Mr. Shef Codes started his music entertainment career while in middle school, making mixtapes using cassette tapes, a tape recorder, and a second-hand laptop. He distributed these bootleg tapes among his friends for free, simply because he loved music. Mr. Shef Codes stands out...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 9

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 9

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 9 - FEELTHEMOTIONN My name is MahmoudMy journey with exploring music started when I was around the age of 14, I was always curious of how specific songs and sounds were made and at the time I used to listen to stuff like pearl jam, pierce the veil, earl sweatshirt, skrillex , yung lean and etc..I moved to china at the age...
  • FRAME Holidaze Playlist

    FRAME Holidaze Playlist

    Tune into our selection of classic hits for the season, perfect for all of your holiday get-togethers. Starting off with melodic, upbeat tunes, followed by a mellowed-down, jazzy selection towards the end of your fruitful and festive night!
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 8

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 8

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 8 - 1TAKENNANDOS On the latest volume of FRAME TAPES we have 1Takennandos. A music producer/DJ born in Abuja Nigeria but raised in Dubai UAE. He first started producing at the age of 18 and first started dabbling in house music, then making a transition into Hip Hop. His Djing career began towards the end of 2017 when he was asked to...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 7

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 7

    FRAME TAPESVOL. 7 - JAZZ ZAMORA Jazz Zamora is a DJ and dancer based in Manila. He’s been DJ-ing in bars and clubs since 2011 but started out his DJ-ing career in dance jams and events. Aside from being a DJ for Very Done, a collective of artists based in Manila, he’s also the creative director of LMN, a dance crew that has competed...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 6

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 6

    The sixth edition of FRAME TAPES features a range of banging basslines and groovy times provided by Felonious Funk. Felonious Funk has one clear goal with her music choices: “to make you feel so good you want to dance about it, or at least shake an appendage”. Having looked up to the great Thelonious Monk, Felonious is not one to colour inside the lines....
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    We're back with the 5th edition of FRAME TAPES with a very special guest, the true OG, Frezidante. Big Frez blesses us with juicy vices to help us tune out fro all that's going on right now in the world. Tune into this mixtape and let your soul bounce. Artwork by: @rawsil & @frezidante
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 4

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 4

    The fourth edition of FRAME TAPES is a mix by our close friend Ahmed "Maz". Since Maz is not a DJ nor a musician makes this tape is even more special. This mix is a pure appreciation and tribute to the hip-hop most influential producer J-Dilla. James Dewitt Yancey a.k.a J-Dilla was a beat maker and producer who emerged in the mid-1990s underground scene...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 3 "Desert Kids"

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 3 "Desert Kids"

    The third edition of FRAME TAPES is a mix by our friend @DJLiutik, featuring the music of artists from the Middle East region. “Desert Kids” is the name of this sound experience. FRAME TAPES Vol.3 is a pure juice of fresh sound and beautiful vibe that touches the heart and inspires the mind. "Desert Kids" is exactly what we need to hydrate our souls...
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