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Staff Picks

FRAME Staff Picks: Summer Edition

Written and Edited By: Nathaniel Enriquez

In the midst of summer, the FRAME Staff has curated a collection of the best apparel, shoes, and a wide range of accessories. This year has witnessed many exclusive items and collaborations that encourage embracing the sun and expressing yourself in day-to-day dressing.

Whether you need wardrobe basics or standout pieces for a weekend escape, our selection focuses on functional essentials with a touch of style. As the temperature rises, it's time to add versatile and vibrant items to your closet!

Nathaniel went for the classic shades, shorts, and tee combo, pairing it with a b.Eautiul tote bag and striped towel for his beach trips.

Karla brought the chic to the beach with a statement Feng Chen Wang skirt, accessories, and the Lo-Fi Solar bottle to keep her hydrated.

  1. ADER ERROR - Flut Cropped T-Shirt
  2. UNDERCOVER - Sunglasses
  3. FENG CHEN WANG - Double Waist Denim Skirt
  4. LO-FI - Solar Nalgene Bottle
  5. PERKS AND MINI - Floating Fangs Necklace

Nico keeps it casual with hints of his personality with his picks, the good old white tee plus jean shorts, and the ERL Sunset puffer bag on his shoulder with the themes of Bikini Bottom scoring his summer.

  1. SPACE AVAILABLE - Radical Nature Now T-Shirt
  2. FENG CHEN WANG - Double Waist Denim Cargo Short
  3. UNDERCOVER - Sunglasses
  4. FRAME MUSIC - SpongeBob SquarePants: "Original Theme Highlights" LP
  5. ERL - Sunset Puffer Bag

Rehan went for something light and reliable with lighter tones. Wearing Nike at the top and the trusty Butter Goods bottoms.

  1. UNDERCOVER - Sunglasses
  2. NIKE SB - Bowling Button Up Shirt
  3. BUTTER GOODS - Blindfold Denim Shorts
  4. B.EAUTIFUL - B.E Nalgene Bottle
  5. NIKE SB - Ishod “Summit White”

Bekzat went for practicality with his picks, all white to combat the heat, a NEIGHBORHOOD folding chair for him to take anywhere and a GX1000 deck with summer-infused themes, all while smelling fresh with the ERL Sunscreen Eau De Toilette.

  1. NANAMICA - Open Collar Wind Shirt
  2. GX1000 - Bring Me To Life "Carlyle" Deck
  3. PERKS AND MINI - Lifted Zip Track Pant
  4. COMME DES GARÇONS PARFUMS - ERL Sunscreen Eau De Toilette
  5. NEIGHBORHOOD - Helinox Chair

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