• Street Snaps Vol. 3

    Street Snaps Vol. 3

    For this week's Zine, Street Snaps is back with Volume 3, showcasing a few of the freshest fits within our FRAME community. ⁠
  • Inside FRAME: The Lace Check

    Inside FRAME: The Lace Check

    When was it you decided to start your Lacecheck and why? We started The Lace Check because we found it impossible to find a white lace let alone a “quality” coloured lace for our limited-edition sneakers. A lace is an integral part of showing your individuality to set yourself apart from the pack. We agree. So, what were you doing before this? LOL, I’m...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 13

    Inside FRAME Vol. 13

    Meet one of FRAME's beloved retail staff, Bekzat Juman, a Kazakh native who grew up between Almaty and Dubai. Both cultures have fostered his unique love for skate, fashion, and art allowing him to develop and grow in all aspects. We catch up with Bek' in this week's edition of Inside FRAME, where we chat about his love for skating and photography as well...
  • Street Snaps Vol. 2

    Street Snaps Vol. 2

    Street Snaps returns to showcase FRAME's friends along with their styles of choice to start the year off.
  • INSIDE Frame Vol. 12

    INSIDE Frame Vol. 12

    Sam Temraz is a Palestinian-Canadian artist who grew up between Montreal and Dubai. Both cultures fostered his unique love for art, fashion and luxury. As a kid Sam says he drew a lot: sometimes clothes, sometimes abstract art. In college, he pursued film and fashion photography, which made him realize later on that he wanted to create the objects for others to capture. In...
  • INSIDE Frame Vol. 11

    INSIDE Frame Vol. 11

    Meet Angie, a Dubai-raised French-Malaysian contemporary ceramic tiler, who throughout her spare time during lockdown, has found her true passion in a niche market. We sit down with Angie to get more of an understanding as to what she does and how her new company KYUB came to be.
  • Street Snaps Vol. 1

    Street Snaps Vol. 1

    Inside FRAME returns with a new series in the form of FRAME Street Snaps, where we take a look at some of our favourite community fits on a monthly basis, starting with our Dubai Design Week edition.
  • FRAME Vol. 10

    FRAME Vol. 10

    Inside Frame Vol. 10 Stories of the universe inside Frame returns with an insider, Mustafa Al Hammad. Passing through the heritage district, he recounts on the journey back to a region where he is reconnecting with a familiar culture and redefining his passion for craftsmanship and the world of fashion. Tell us about yourself. Mustafa. 26 years old. Saudi Arabian. Moved to Dubai in...
  • FRAME Vol. 9

    FRAME Vol. 9

    Inside Frame Vol. 9 Returning with a special kama muta edition just in time for Valentine’s Day, FRAME's content creator Clara and coffee guru Victor recount their romantic anecdote and shared appreciation for artisanship and give the perfect dinner date recipe.   How did you two first meet? V: We met at school party where I saw Clara standing next to a mutual friend...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 8

    Inside FRAME Vol. 8

    Inside Frame Vol. 8 In the final volume of the spin-off of featuring friends “inside” FRAME, we sat with Azra Khamissa who is in the vanguard of bringing timeless, contemporary aesthetic into traditional practice of henna. The creative mastermind of her eponymous brand AZRA, she squeezes and pushes her way through a creative journey to spread the beauty of self-expression in the form of...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 7

    Inside FRAME Vol. 7

    Inside Frame Vol. 7 Artist, designer, and light keeper on a path to awaken minds, Ayesha Alyassi speaks about her brainchild Lahjtna and the purpose of self-expression in her life. What is Lahjtna and how was it born? Lahjtna translates into “dialect” in Arabic. I wouldn’t say it’s Emirati dialect, but this word is really common in the Middle East. Lahjtna started as a...
  • Inside FRAME Vol. 6

    Inside FRAME Vol. 6

    Inside Frame Vol. 6 When the peaked cap is off, this globetrotter dressed in Brain Dead with some Nike SB dunks rides into the sunset on Harley Davidson’s cruiser bike. Ahmad Almuhairi tells his journey through discovering his personal style and passion in motorcycles. How did you get into the game?   I started from the bottom-up, from sneakers. I used to be like...
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