• Inside FRAME Vol. 1

    Inside FRAME Vol. 1

    Inside Frame Vol. 1 Most people know Peter as a man of very few words and quite inscrutable. In the first edition of Inside Frame, the founder of FRAME opens the door to his personal space and shares his passion as an avid collector. Walk us through your 24-hour day. My day starts at 9AM. A small number of the crew are still coming...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 5

    We're back with the 5th edition of FRAME TAPES with a very special guest, the true OG, Frezidante. Big Frez blesses us with juicy vices to help us tune out fro all that's going on right now in the world. Tune into this mixtape and let your soul bounce. Artwork by: @rawsil & @frezidante
  • FRAME Skate Jam 8

    FRAME Skate Jam 8

    “That was scary.” Thanks to everyone who came through to jam with us on Frame Skate Jam 8 and brought the beautiful vibe of joy and celebration of skateboarding.   Check out the recap below and see you next month!
  • FRAME&Friends - Fashion Forward 19

    FRAME&Friends - Fashion Forward 19

    FRAME is proud to present ‘FRAME and FRIENDS,’ a special collaboration project with 4 local brands; Too Dark To See Tomorrow, ANTHLGY, Shabab and Lahjtna, during the October Edition of Fashion Forward Dubai. Each unique t-shirt designed by the 4 local brands were screen printed by the founder of the emerging label INDVLST. The designs are printed on t-shirts that are made of 100%...
  • Neighborhood SS19 Editorial

    Neighborhood SS19 Editorial

    NEIGHBORHOOD SS19 EDITORIAL December 1, 2019 Neighborhood is one of the OG brands from the Ura-Harajuku movement that cultivated the idea of transcending streetwear from self-expression on a graphic t-shirt to the culture of premium lifestyle.     Shinsuke Takizawa, the founder of Neighborhood, is a master in breaking down his ideas into elements and transmutes them into one big beautiful picture of unique...
  • FRAME Skate Jam 7

    FRAME Skate Jam 7

    Did you miss the last FRAME Skate Jam?!No worries, this month we’re back with the 7th edition of the Skate Jam. The weather is getting better, your friends are back from their summer vacation – there is no better time to enjoy a good skate contest! Call your friends, parents, their parents, your kids and future wife or husband to join us to on...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 4

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 4

    The fourth edition of FRAME TAPES is a mix by our close friend Ahmed "Maz". Since Maz is not a DJ nor a musician makes this tape is even more special. This mix is a pure appreciation and tribute to the hip-hop most influential producer J-Dilla. James Dewitt Yancey a.k.a J-Dilla was a beat maker and producer who emerged in the mid-1990s underground scene...
  • FRAME Skate Jam 6

    FRAME Skate Jam 6

    Frame Skate Jam is coming back this month with the 6th edition. Frame Skate Jam is an opportunity to gather the community to celebrate the art of skateboarding and to have fun together. As part of our ongoing mission to contribute to the development of the local skate scene once every month. We organize this event to educate and inspire. Join us to celebrate...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 3 "Desert Kids"

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 3 "Desert Kids"

    The third edition of FRAME TAPES is a mix by our friend @DJLiutik, featuring the music of artists from the Middle East region. “Desert Kids” is the name of this sound experience. FRAME TAPES Vol.3 is a pure juice of fresh sound and beautiful vibe that touches the heart and inspires the mind. "Desert Kids" is exactly what we need to hydrate our souls...
  • Dreamland Syndicate SS19 "Zerowork"

    Dreamland Syndicate SS19 "Zerowork"

    DREAMLAND SYNDICATE SS19 "ZEROWORK" November 8, 2019 Dreamland Syndicate was born from boredom with an ironically optimistic vision to escape dissatisfaction and destroy frustration caused by the devastating routine of modern life.     WYWY is an ethereal wave couple in Dubai who creates the beautiful sound of Electro Dream Pop. Their music is a hypnotic trance that gets deep into your soul, that...
  • FRAME Tapes Vol. 2

    FRAME Tapes Vol. 2

    The second release of FRAME TAPES was mixed by our good friend Sizer. Sizer blessed us with sets of beautiful sets of Afro House full of joy and peace. Hope you enjoyed those mixes half as much we enjoyed catching up with Sizer for the short Q&A about his perspective on music and taste in sound. What's the role of music in your life?...
  • Comme des Garçons "An Act In Play"

    Comme des Garçons "An Act In Play"

    "AN ACT IN PLAY" November 1, 2019 When special moments become memories, people and places can have a deeper meaning. In every moment in life, we keep writing the next chapters and playing continuous scenes of reality.     Comme des Garçons Play is a diffusion line that allows avant-garde empire of Rei Kawakubo to have a playful, less severe but traditionally beautiful expression....
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