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FRAME: How are you Big Moss?

UGLYMOSS: I’m good good.

FRAME: Did you eat already?

UGLYMOSS: Yeah I had something from around here, a f-, foo-

FRAME: Focaccia?

UGLYMOSS: Yeee that one. *laughs*

FRAME: Alright can you introduce yourself and tell me what you do?

UGLYMOSS: My name is Moss, known as Uglymoss, and I make music.

FRAME: So when did you start making music?

UGLYMOSS: It really started as a just for fun thing when I was younger, I really took it seriously back in 2015, that's when I got my first studio session.

FRAME: I know that you have Syrian and Egyptian roots, do you think that had some impact on you in some way? And do you think that led you to make trap music in a country like UAE?

UGLYMOSS: To be honest it's hard to say, because I was born and raised here, I really didn’t get to feel what it's like in Syria and or in Egypt. So I feel like really all my influences are from what I watch online or how my life is here in Dubai. Although I’m glad to say that I’ve been exploring more of my roots now.

FRAME: Do you think of those experiences and influences before picking up the mic?

UGLYMOSS: A lot of things, I just be outside and anything I lay my eyes on, inspires me in a way – whatever it is, you get what I’m saying? Could be colors, I can go out and see something, and I’m inspired, and then head back to the studio.

FRAME: So nothing specific, you kinda just let things flow?

UGLYMOSS: Yeah! You get what I’m saying? Everything that I see outside is inspiring; if it's the parties, the money motive, going outside, looking at the sky, whatever it is.

FRAME: When you think of those themes though, how do you select your beats that would suit that theme? I know you work with a lot of producers, so how would you personally know if you want — a certain topic to be on this beat this way or the other way?

UGLYMOSS: It really is a gut feeling. To be honest I never got in a studio and said “aight I’m gonna talk about this today”. It’s always like me just listening to a beat and feeling it and flowing to it. I never really prepare, sometimes I’d be chilling and I would say some sh*t in my mind and it rhymes, and I stick to it.

FRAME: What songs have you been bumping lately?

UGLYMOSS: This new record by Lancey Foux called Simple, swaggin like this by tana, some yeat, and some Ken Carson. I’ll send you a playlist.

FRAME: Expression through your music is one thing, but how would you describe your style when it comes to fashion?

UGLYMOSS: I like a whole bunch of sh*t bro I’m not gonna lie.

FRAME: In that case, what are your favorite brands lately?

UGLYMOSS: Umm… brands that I really f*ck with Givenchy, Burberry… I definitely f*ck with Undercover, and Neighborhood fo sho.

FRAME: What drew you into FRAME?

UGLYMOSS: Frame is dope, the clothing selection at Frame is really good and hard to find in Dubai, I like how they bring in a lot of Japanese brands and push contemporary culture in the region.

FRAME: Where can people check your music out?

UGLYMOSS: Uglymoss on all major streaming platforms and youtube, you can also follow me @uglymoss on instagram.

FRAME: Any closing remarks? Anything to plug?

UGLYMOSS: ‘Nova’ coming out soon, my very first Arabic album.

FRAME: Alright thank you Mr. Moss.

UGLYMOSS: You’re welcome bro.

Uglymoss will only continue pushing his ever growing sound and curiosity with his craft. We just have to wait for what he has in store for us with his third full length album ‘Nova’ that comes out this year.



STYLIST: Mustafa Al Hammad

LOCATION: Satwa 3000

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