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For this week's INSIDE FRAME, we sat down with Daoud Tabibzada.

Daoud talks about the significance of style as a Marketing Manager in Dubai.

FRAME: Hi, please introduce yourself.

DAOUD: My name is Daoud, and I was born and raised in Toronto.


FRAME: Talk about when you became interested in working in the industry of marketing.

DAOUD: It was sometime during university, when I was looking for an end goal, in terms of careers, that I settled on marketing. I loved the idea of “experience” and the overall idea that someone, by themselves or in a team can produce and curate something that leaves an impression on someone.


FRAME: "What inspires you?" is a broad question, so we'll ask "What ideas inspire you?"

DAOUD: The youth or the next generation definitely inspires me a lot. I think over time, as we grow older, we get stuck in this capitalistic bubble or box where we’re forced to participate in labor for a means of survival.

Thinking about the youth and youth culture or the development of that, and how they experiment and make mistakes, or aren’t afraid to try new things. I love the freedom that comes with that and I really try to apply that to my everyday practice and how I live.

FRAME: Do you find it hard to balance life and still pursue your craft?

DAOUD: The way that the world is set up makes having both extremely difficult. I definitely believe that the key to a more fulfilled life is the ability to balance both and I try really hard to be able to do that.


FRAME: What are your favorite brands lately?

DAOUD: Right now, I love Junya Watanabe, Undercover, Toga Virilis, Anderson Bell, Comme des Garcons, Ahluwalia, Bode, Haider Aackermann, Guidi, Jil Sanders, JW Anderson, Kiko Kostadinov, Stussy, Visvim, Wacko Maria, Dries Van Noten and anything from Spencer Badu.

FRAME: What drew you to FRAME?

DAOUD: I love the idea of a place where people can come together to work on whatever they need to work on, enjoy good food and also be surrounded by a lot of cool brands. I think FRAME definitely checks that box, and I think a place like this is needed, especially in the UAE.


FRAME: Describe your style.

DAOUD: I think my style has been evolving constantly. What I was wearing last year is pretty different from what I am into now. I like functional clothes and I usually tend to go for calm pieces, rather than clothing that is making a huge statement.

I like building my closet with sustainability in mind, so I really try to steer away from trendy clothes or super loud clothes. I like thrifting clothes but I am absolutely not good at it [laughs].





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