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Skate videos have been a key component in popularizing the skateboarding culture. These films have served as inspirations to so many skaters from around the world. In the upcoming FRAME SKATE JAM 16, let’s celebrate the bond between riders and videographers. Riders get your skateboard, and videographers grab your camera to capture that perfect moment.

In the newest format “Quick Run,” riders need to get their videographer friends to film the best 50 seconds skate-run. Ride, film, and post on Instagram.

2 skaters and each of the skater’s videographer buddy will be chosen as the winners. The criteria for the winners are the quality of skating and cinematography.


  • Each video has to start with the participant saying, “This is for Frame Skate Jam 16.”
  • The videographer must be credited in the post’s caption.
  • Make sure to include #frameskatejam. in the caption.
  • Deadline for submission:  August 15, 2020 at 12PM.
  • UAE Skaters only.

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