Slowdive: "Pygmalion" LP

135 AED

Pygmalion is an anomaly in the shoegaze world – not of the lush dream-pop sound that Slowdive were associated with in their earliest years; not of the harsh density My Bloody Valentine were famous for, or as accessible Ride’s style was prior to their full-on excursion into mediocre britpop. Resulting from the exit of drummer Simon Scott, Pygmalion marked the definite end of Slowdive as we once knew them for nearly two decades, yet in their swan song, delivered their masterpiece that transcended the likes of Souvlaki and became something far more innovative, arguably being part of the first wave of post-rock, which included other renowned artists such as Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis, Swans, Slint and Labradford to name a few.

Label: Creation Records

Genre: Dream Pop, Post Rock

Release Date: 1995

Article: F_0363


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