Frog Skateboards x Nike SB Blazer Mid


LAUNCHED ON 07/06/19

The first collaboration of Frog Skateboards with Nike SB is embodied in the legendary Blazer Mid model. These sneakers are fully covered in lime green suede with lateral appliques of their signature amphibious poking behind the off-shade swoosh. Pink ladybugs are applied to the models white laces as well as the rear of each midsole with a simple like 2+2=4 rear-facing typography completes the design.

What's really interesting about this collaboration is the testimony of truth behind Frog's vision and it's "DIY" ethos. Frog Skateboards is all about staying a kid forever, not wasting energy for overcomplicating things and always have fun. It's really impressive to realize that all of the graphic design of Frog Skateboards was initially drawn in Microsoft Windows Paint.


  • First come, first served
  • One pair per customer
  • Resellers can be refused
  • MUST buy your own size

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