Ekuka Morris Sirikiti: "Ekuka" LP
Label: Nyege Nyege Tapes Genre: World Release Date: 9/7/2018 Article: F_0915 Ekuka is a mesmerizing survey of Ekuka Morris Sirikiti's thumb piano performances broadcast on radio stations in North Uganda between 1978-2003. All previously unheard beyond the stations' range of transmission, Hailing from the...
180 AED
Elia Y Elizabeth: "La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth" LP
Label: Vampi Soul Genre: World Release Date: 10/28/2014 Article: F_0923 The recordings that the sisters Elia and Elizabeth Fleta made, hand-in-hand with music arranger Jimmy Salcedo in the early '70s in their native Colombia, remained hidden like lost pearls in the undervalued musical pop history of Latin America...
140 AED
Los Camaroes: "Resurrection Los Vol. 1" LP
Label: Analog Africa Genre: World Release Date: 10/20/2017 Article: F_1008 A reissue of the electrifying final album from Cameroon's legendary Los Camaroes, available on LP for the first time since 1979. Recorded live to two-track at the Mango Bar in Yaoundé, Resurrection Los...
180 AED
VA: "Sounds of Sisso" 2LP
Pure Singeli fire from Tanzania's febrile Dar Es Salaam underground, showcasing the punkish sounds of the Sisso Records studio with a better volley of hi-velocity missiles for Kampala, Uganda's Nyege Nyege Tapes. Hitting frenetic levels of velocity comparable with full...
185 AED
VA: "Jukebox Jam!: Blues And Rhythm Revue" LP
Jazzman presents a whole load of raucous, rollicking and rambunctious '50s/'60s RnB bangers, blues boppers, jukebox faves and rompin', stompin' RnB dancers. The Jukebox Jam club night began in Summer 2007 as a monthly celebration of the authentic U.S. rhythm...
155 AED
Black Artists Group: "In Paris, Aries 1973" LP
Label: Aguirre Records  Genre: Jazz Release Date: 11/2/2018 Article: F_1003 This outstanding free jazz session was recorded in 1973 in Paris by Chicago outfit. It was Lester Bowie, trumpeter with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, who suggested that the Black Artists Group should...
175 AED
Dao Bandon: "Kon Kee Lang Kwai (Man On A Water Buffalo)" LP
Label: EM Records Genre: Folk, World, Country. Release Date: 2014 Article: F_0018
100 AED
Creation Rebel: "Dub From Creation" LP
The debut Creation Rebel album, released in 1978. The original band, featuring the drummer Eric "Fish" Clarke, had been a studio outfit known as the Arabs, now primarily remembered for their work with Prince Far I, including the classic dub...
180 AED
Robbie Basho: "Live in Forli, Italy 1982" LP
Robbie Basho (1940-86), who died young after a stroke, never got his due in the culture at large, but steel-string guitar enthusiasts have known for decades that he was one of the greats of "American Primitivism". Technically adept and compositionally imaginative,...
180 AED
Sorcerer: "Jungle Hideout" LP
Label: Real Balearic Genre: World Release Date: 2017
125 AED
Forest: "The Full Circle" LP
Forest were an English psychedelic-folk trio who formed in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, in 1966. They started out performing unaccompanied traditional folk music in a similar vein to contemporaries The Watersons and The Young Tradition. The band were pioneers of the nascent...
140 AED
Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou: "The Bariba Sound 1970-1976" LP
Lost sounds are the archives of a forgotten history. The raucously raw, Vodoun-inspired rhythms of Cotonou have confirmed Benin as a mecca of '70s Afro sounds and revived the story of its people, but the unopened vaults housing the country's...
150 AED
Willie Lindo: "Far And Distant" LP
Label: Wild Flower Genre: Reggae Release Date: 1974  
165 AED
Ragnar Johnson: "Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang" LP
Crying Bamboos is a translation of the pidgin description of the sound of sacred flutes: "Mambu I cry, I cry, I cry". Sacred flutes are blown to make the cries of spirits by adult men in the Madang region of Papua...
185 AED
Rock Town Express: "Funky Makossa" LP
In 1973, EMI Records Nigeria released the 45 rpm disc 'Fuel for Love' b/w 'Soundway,' credited to a mysterious band called Wrinkar Experience. The record was a finely-crafted gem of pop-rock and funky soul as had never before been heard...
145 AED
Kiki Gyan: "Feeling So Good" LP
Label: Oom Dooby Dochas Genre: World Release Date: 8/10/2018 Article: F_0886 Ooom Dooby Dochas present a first-time reissue of Kiki Gyan's Feeling So Good, originally released in 1979. This is in fact more than just a rare record and definitely more than just a...
155 AED
Akwassa: "In The Groove" LP
Label: Oom Dooby Dochas Genre: World Release Date: 8/10/2018 Article: F_0887 Oom Dooby Dochas present a first-time reissue of Akwassa's In The Groove, originally released in 1977. Nigeria had an utterly strong popular music scene in the 1970s, Afro beat and Afro funk were...
155 AED
Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats: "Afro Soco Soul Live" LP
Label: Oom Dooby Dochas Genre: World Release Date: 8/10/2018 Article: F_0888 Oom Dooby Dochas present a reissue of Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats' Afro Soco Soul Live, originally released in 1972. Pino was born in Sierra Leone in the 1930s. He was the son...
155 AED
VA: "Midnight To Six... First Time From Jamaica" LP
Label: Kingston Sounds Genre: World Release Date: 7/13/2018 Article: F_0912 The legendary gig that Joe Strummer, singer from the punk rock band The Clash, attended and inspired his writing their classic "White Man In Hammersmith Palais" took place on the June 5th,1977. At the...
130 AED
Litto Nebbia: "Muerte En La Catedral" LP
Label: Melopea Discos Genre: World Release Date: 7/27/2018 Article: F_0913 Melopea Discos present a reissue of Litto Nebbia's Muerte En La Catedral, originally released in 1973. Muerte En La Catedral, following other four solo Litto Nebbia's albums, and his then, fifth work under the Huinca alias (LPM...
180 AED
Barry Brown: "Vibes Of Barry Brown" LP
Label: Radiation Roots Genre: World Release Date: 8/24/2014 Article: F_0922 Radiation Roots present a reissue of Vibes Of Barry Brown, originally released in 1981. Barry Brown is one of the enigmatic roots reggae vocalists that rose up from the sound system circuit and talent shows...
140 AED
VA: "Macondo Revisitado: The Roots Of Subtropical Music Uruguay 1975-1979" LP
Label: Vampi Soul Genre: World Release Date: 1/27/2017 Article: F_0924 Macondo Revisitado features a selection of some of the best recordings from Uruguayan independent label Macondo between 1975 and 1979. Artists emulated tropical music styles popular in Caribbean and Central American countries like...
180 AED
Fruko: "A La Memoria Del Muerto" LP
Label: Vampi Soul Genre: World Release Date: 5/12/2017 Article: F_0925 A La Memoria Del Muerto is Fruko Y Sus Tesos's second album, released in 1972, and features exclusively the soaring and soulful vocals of Cali native Edulfamid Molina Díaz, aka 'Píper Pimienta', Fruko's previous vocalist Humberto 'Huango'...
140 AED
Los Chicos Malos: "Los Chicos Malos" LP
Label: Vampi Soul Genre: World Release Date: 3/30/2018 Article: F_0927 Vampisoul present the first reissue of Los Chicos Malos' self-titled album, originally released in 1980. Remastered sound from original tapes. Presented in facsimile artwork.
140 AED
Los Supremos: "Atiza Y Ataja" LP
Label: Vampi Soul Genre: World Release Date: 5/11/2018 Article: F_0928 Discos Fuentes featured many great vocalists and composers in the realm of Colombian tropical music during the golden era of the 1960s and 1970s. One of the most talented and perhaps tragic...
140 AED
Mary Afi Usuah: "Ekpenyong Abasi" LP
Label: Voodoo Funk UK Genre: World Release Date: 7/10/2015 Article: F_0930 A stupendous blend of scintillating highlife, smoking Fela, and spaced-out, funkdafied black jazz, from 1975, reissued for the first time. Mari Affiong Usuahfrom Oron, by way of Calabar, in southeastern Nigeria, fronting a...
130 AED
VA: "The Deejays Meet Down Town 1975-1980" LP
Label: Voice Of Jamaica Genre: World Release Date: 10/14/2014 Article: F_0931 We Release Jazz present the official reissue of Eric Demarsan's original soundtrack of Jean-Pierre Melville's 1970 film noir classic Le Cercle Rouge. The film stars Alain Delon, Bourvil, Gian Maria Volontè, and Yves Montand. This reissue includes four...
100 AED
Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System: "Super Ape Returns To Conquer" LP
Label: Echo Beach Genre: World Release Date: 10/6/2017 Article: F_1024 41 years later, Lee "Scratch" Perry uses today's sound system to revisit his classic Black Ark album that defined Jamaican dub music, reincarnating the magic for the sound system generation. Big question about it:...
165 AED
Shimshon Miel: "Amsterdam To Nueiba" LP
A cosmic, phased-out percussion adventure by Shimshon Miel, a lone-wolf hippie from Tel-Aviv who experimented with hallucinogenic psych-folk, and self-released his only album in 1977. Fortuna Records reissues two of the album's killer cuts for the very first time, alongside...
125 AED
Guy One: "#1" LP
Releasing an album into the world is a special moment for any artist but when you’re an artist who grew up in remote northern Ghana with no schooling, spending a life herding cows and goats, building your own instruments and...
125 AED
Aura (Aspiritual Ema): "Spiritual Conectionl" LP
Spiritual Connection was only LP for the relatively short lived 'Aura' project spiritually guided by Zee-Tei Debekeme in 1976. The band consisted of the expressive and wild keys of Issac Moore, the awesomely funky Omega Garbal on guitar, Casco Mayor...
140 AED
Antonio Sanches: "Bul Povo!" LP
Analog Africa present a reissue of António Sanches's Buli Povo!, originally released in 1983. Funaná, the most African of music styles from Cabo Verde, had been banned by the Portuguese Rulers. But in 1974, with independence and the birth of the Bulimundo band, everything...
195 AED
VA: "Wild Mexico V2" LP
Second installment of this amazing quest for '60s Mexican gold, Wild Mexico Vol. 2 comes filled to the rafters with the same untamed spirit that made Volume 1 such a special record. This is fun, frantic and obscure rock n' roll at its best,...
165 AED
VA: "Suedehead: Reggae Classics 1971-1973" LP
The Suedehead sound of the early '70s followed the Skinhead style of the 1968-70 period. The notable difference could be seen and heard, the sharp jerky upbeat rhythms were slowing down a notch to what we'd soon be calling that...
130 AED
Hycentto Junior: "Mama Groove (Bonus Edition)" LP
Label: Lorem Ipsum Genre: World Release Date: 11/2/2018 Article: F_0981 In the '80s, a Nigerian DJ named Hycentto Junior was notorious for making Onitsha people dance on his grooves. Soon, influenced by U.S hip-hop artists, he began rapping on top of the...
180 AED
VA: "Saigon Supersound Vol. 2" LP
Saigon Supersound Vol. 2presents more interesting tunes of a musical era that has long been obscured. As with Saigon Supersound Vol. 1, (SSS 001CD/LP, 2017) this new volume digs deeper to share the beautiful music of a short but significant period...
200 AED
Machito: "Machito: From Montuno to Cubop" LP
Label: Grosso! Recordings Genre: World Release Date: 21.04.2018 Article: F_6033 RSD 2018 release. Machito (Francisco Raúl Gutiérrez Grillo) had arguably the most influential big band Latin orchestra of the mambo era in New York, being one of the earliest, largest, and hottest. One of the...
205 AED
Laurent Jeanneau: "Music of Northern Laos" LP
Label: Akuphone Genre: World Release Date: 9/21/2018 Article: F_1010 Music of Northern Laos, subtitled Provinces of Luang Namtha et Phongsaly. One part of Akuphone's collection of Laotian music. Includes liner notes in English, French, and Japanese and a download code. Akuphone presents...
140 AED
Savages Y Suefo: "Brotherhood" LP
After the release of their debut album Worldstyle(2012) the Budapest duo Savages Y Suefo are now returning with their second album Brotherhood; this time their message is more serious. The music summons blues elements but is also influenced by dub, funk and a little...
165 AED
Onom Agremo & The Disco Jumpers: "Magic Polaroid" LP
Ever since Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpersbroke the dreaded curse of the difficult second album by releasing Liquid Love (2017), a cocktail so spicy and delectable that it could warm the cockles of the grumpiest man alive's heart, even in the most...
165 AED
VA: "Antilles Mechant Bateau" LP
Born Bad Records present Antilles Mechant Bateau, a compilation of percussion-based music from Guadeloupe. More properly, the subject of this collection is musicians drumming on percussion as a way of asserting their creolized identity. Songs that tell, in veiled terms, a...
115 AED
Toots & The Maytals: "Recoupe" LP
Label: Burning Sounds Genre: World Release Date: 11/9/2018 Article: F_1018
180 AED
The Mighty Maytones: "Madness" LP
Label: Burning Sounds Genre: World Release Date: 10/5/2018 Article: F_1019
180 AED
Los Destellos: "Los Destellos" LP
Label: Cal Comunicaciones/Discos Eternos Genre: World Release Date: 9/28/2018 Article: F_1020 Cal Comunicaciones/Discos Eternos present a reissue of Los Destellos' self-titled first album, originally released in 1968. Los Destellos created and initiated what is known as Peruvian cumbia. The band mixes tropical music with...
170 AED
Marcos Valle: "Samba "Demais" LP
Repressed; Cornbread Records present a reissue of Marcos Valle's debut album Samba "Demais", originally released in 1963. Marcos Valle's incredible debut established him as one of the premier performers and composers in the emerging Brazilian popular music landscape. Barely out of his...
140 AED
Joey Pastrana & His Orchestra: "Let's Ball" LP
Label: Get On Down Genre: World Release Date: 10/26/2018 Article: F_1026 Joey Pastrana had a special gift for singing songs in both English and Spanish. Along with other boogaloo luminaries like Pete Rodriguez and Joe Cuba; Joey Pastrana was responsible for...
155 AED
Vaudou Game: "Otodi" LP
Double LP version. Vaudou Game return to Hot Casa with Otodi, their first album in two years. No one had been through those doors in years. Unchanged, seemingly untouched, just a guard watching over it -- one wondered whether the place would ever...
180 AED
VA: "Living Is Hard: West African Music in Britain, 1927-1929" LP
Honest Jon's Records has prepared a series drawing on some of the earliest recordings in the EMI Hayes Archive -- recovered from more than 150,000 78s -- staggering music from Iraq, Turkey, Caucasia, Lebanon, Iran (including sides made in Old...
155 AED
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