Jean Michel Basquiat "Irony of a Negro Policeman"
Set of 3 skateboard decks. Open edition. This is a collaboration with the estate of the late American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, carrying some of the artist’s iconic paintings from the early eighties. The Skateroom works together with some of the...
2,850 AED
Jean Michel Basquiat "Horn Players"
Horn Players is a 1983 acrylic and oil stick painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat who is considered one of the most remarkable new-age painters, even going so far as receiving the moniker, "Black Picasso". His works have received significant worldwide attention...
2,850 AED
Andy Warhol "Last Supper"
This work was created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to produce a series of Andy's most iconic works. Andy Warhol's Sixty Last Suppers (1986) is an outstanding example from the artist’s great final painting series. Executed...
2,850 AED
Andy Warhol "Car Crash"
Warhol’s ‘Green Car Crash’, is a 90 x 80-inch synthetic polymer work with silkscreen ink and acrylic on linen. The work features a photograph by John Whitehead appropriated from a June issue of ‘Newsweek’: the burning aftermath of a police...
2,850 AED
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