Sierra-Large Measurements Cup
Dimensions: Depth: 6.5 cm Circumference: 12.9 cm Material: Stainless Steel Color : Silver
115 AED
Sierra-LID Cup Cover
Diameter: 13.2 cm Material: Stainless Steel Color : Silver
65 AED
Old Joe Booze Incense Chamber
NEIGHBORHOOD aligns with Japanese made, Americana inspired label – Old Joe Brand on a custom ceramic incense chamber made in the likeness of renowned British political figure, Winston Churchill; a staple caricature in Old Joe Brand’s graphic identity. It's dimensions are...
695 AED 487 AED
retaW "Number One" Fabric Fragrance
Wrap your clothing with the signature scents of retaW and Neighborhood; filling your wardrobe with their NUMBER ONE* fragrance. Bursting with patchouli and bergamot, spritz this scented refresher spray onto your favorite garments. 120ml NUMBER ONE* Fragrance Patchouli & Bergamot Deodorizing & Anti-Bacterial
110 AED 77 AED
retaW "Number One" Handsoap
A top quality collaboration between Tokyo-based Neighborhood and lifestyle brand retaW, the newly produced hand soap blends herbs with a cool drifting essence of citrus. Exclusive Neighborhood Scent Patchouli Herbs Citrus Bergamot 250 ml
120 AED 84 AED
retaW "Number One" Aroma Candle
Surround yourself with a signature scent from retaW and Neighborhood with this patchouli and bergamot fragranced candle. Infused with the signature NUMBER ONE* aroma, let the flickering flame and the gently flowing scent create a cozy, relaxing space to help you unwind and recharge....
250 AED 175 AED
retaW "Number One" Room Tag
As simple as hanging on your doorknob, towel hanger or in your closet, retaW's room tags are infused with their signature scents. Introducing some streetwear styling to your home, wrap your lifestyle in the aroma of Neighborhood's NUMBER ONE* scent, gently filling the room...
110 AED 77 AED
retaW "Number One" Lip Balm
In collaboration with Japanese apothecary, retaw. Formulated to provide soothing and moisturizing effects. Delicately scented with naturally sourced patchouli and eucalyptus scents. Made in Japan.
65 AED 46 AED
retaW "Number One" Body Cream
Neighborhood and Japanese fragrance experts retaW have created the perfect blend of herbs and the original "NUMBER ONE" scent - now available in a body cream. Exclusive Neighborhood Scent Patchouli Herbs Number One Fragrance Bergamot Blend 65 grams
120 AED 84 AED
Kuumba International "Pacific" Long Incense
Dreaming of the warm sea breeze? Keep your wanderlust at bay with this incense from Neighborhood's collaboration with lifestyle specialist Kuumba International. Each stick has a 60-minute burn time and fills your home with the Shibuya-based brand’s fresh, Pacific-inspired scent. Pack of...
80 AED 56 AED
SRL Wide Plant Pot
Small Article: 181IDIDN-AC04 Size: W: 120mm H: 60mm Medium Article: 181IDIDN-AC05 Size: W: 185mm H: 70mm Large Article: 181IDIDN-AC06 Size: W: 205mm H: 80mm Material: 100% Ceramic Colour: Black SRL - stands for Specimen Resarch Laboratories. Originates from peaceful outdoor hoobies of camping and gardening of Neighborhood's founder Takizawa Shinsuke....
170 AED from 51 AED
Hanging Pocket
Material: 100% Cotton Color : Black
660 AED 198 AED
Sold Out
Racists Chain
Dimensions: 85cm Material: Aluminum Bicycle Chain, 100% Nylon Cover Color : Black
645 AED 194 AED