Parris: "2 Vultures" LP
Label: The Trilogy Tapes Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2017
75 AED
Boards of Canada: "Geogaddi" LP
Label: Warp Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2002
140 AED
Mount Kimbie: "Cold Spring Fault Less Youth" LP
On the London duo's second album, and first for Warp, they alter course from the manicured electronics of their debut, taking more risks-- especially with their vocals, and those of unexpected collaborator King Krule. And refreshingly, there's no nostalgia, dubby...
140 AED
Squarepusher: "Damogen Furies" LP
On Damogen Furies, his first solo LP in three years, Tom Jenkinson is in (the Squarepusher version of) pop mode, veering surprisingly close to festival-ready EDM before rending everything apart, like a child building a LEGO castle and then hurling his...
180 AED
Mutlu San: "Deep Sea Mosaics" LP
Label: Lessizmore Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2018
80 AED
Aphex Twin: "Cheetah" LP
Label: Warp Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2016
90 AED
Sergie Rezza: "Re-Introduction" LP
Label: Sergie Rezza Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2018
75 AED
Brian Eno: "My Squelchy Life" LP
Label: All Saints Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 1991
115 AED
Merzbow: "Tomarigi" LP
Label: Bedouin Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2017
90 AED
Aphex Twin: "Syro" LP
Aphex Twin's first album since 2001's Drukqs is sixty-five minutes of highly melodic, superbly arranged, precisely mixed, texturally varied electronic music that sounds like it could have come from no other artist. Syro absorbs many different sounds, from loping breakbeat to drum’n’bass to techno proper...
250 AED
Slowdive: "Blue Day" LP
Label: Creations Records Genre: Indie Rock Release Date: 1992
135 AED
Creation Rebel: "Dub From Creation" LP
The debut Creation Rebel album, released in 1978. The original band, featuring the drummer Eric "Fish" Clarke, had been a studio outfit known as the Arabs, now primarily remembered for their work with Prince Far I, including the classic dub...
180 AED
Robbie Basho: "Live in Forli, Italy 1982" LP
Robbie Basho (1940-86), who died young after a stroke, never got his due in the culture at large, but steel-string guitar enthusiasts have known for decades that he was one of the greats of "American Primitivism". Technically adept and compositionally imaginative,...
180 AED
The Last Poets: "Understand What Black Is" LP
Label: Studio Rockers Genre: Reggae/ Dub Poetry Release Date: 2018
200 AED
Sorcerer: "Jungle Hideout" LP
Label: Real Balearic Genre: World Release Date: 2017
125 AED
Forest: "The Full Circle" LP
Forest were an English psychedelic-folk trio who formed in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, in 1966. They started out performing unaccompanied traditional folk music in a similar vein to contemporaries The Watersons and The Young Tradition. The band were pioneers of the nascent...
140 AED
Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou: "The Bariba Sound 1970-1976" LP
Lost sounds are the archives of a forgotten history. The raucously raw, Vodoun-inspired rhythms of Cotonou have confirmed Benin as a mecca of '70s Afro sounds and revived the story of its people, but the unopened vaults housing the country's...
150 AED
Fennesz: "Endless Summer" LP
2018 repress. Remastered, expanded gatefold double LP version (briefly available as a single LP in 2001 and o/p for 10 years now). This version features new artwork by Tina Frank, based on the original 2001 Mego release. Contains "Ohne Sonne" and...
195 AED
Willie Lindo: "Far And Distant" LP
Label: Wild Flower Genre: Reggae Release Date: 1974  
165 AED
Placebo: "Ball Of Eyes" LP
Placebo's debut LP Ball Of Eyes is a remarkably focused soul-jazz record, without the experimentation or Free Jazz moments which were still in vogue during the first half of the '70s. Excellent covers of Marvin Gaye's 'Inner City Blues' and Sam &...
135 AED
Ragnar Johnson: "Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang" LP
Crying Bamboos is a translation of the pidgin description of the sound of sacred flutes: "Mambu I cry, I cry, I cry". Sacred flutes are blown to make the cries of spirits by adult men in the Madang region of Papua...
185 AED
Azanyah: "The One" LP
Suffused with spiritual uplift but lacking any saccharine in either content or production values, Azanyah communicates in a language that harks back to the great message bearers of an earlier time: the musical language of Coltrane, Pharaoh and their fellow travelers, musicians who had journeyed...
170 AED
Bruce Brubaker: "Glass Piano" LP
Label: Infiné Genre: Electronic Jazz Release Date: 2015
115 AED
The Bookworks Trio: "The Bookworks Trio " EP
Label: A Book Works Recordings Genre: Contemporary Jazz Release Date: 2018
180 AED
VA: "Musique Experimentale" LP
Cacophonic present a reissue of Musique Expérimentale, originally released in 1962. Further concrète explorations from the second generation of forward-thinking sonic auteurs that would push the boundaries of experimental music known collectively as the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, founded by Pierre Schaeffer. Having...
180 AED
Gizelle Smith "Ruthless Day" LP
Long-awaited second album “Ruthless Day” by soul queen Gizelle Smith is the sound of a dynamic artist expanding her horizons from the classic aesthetic of her past releases to explore a new brand of modern funk. Armed with a crew of jazz-trained musicians, her...
90 AED
Avelino Pitts And Welfare: "Gold" LP
Label: Jazzman Records Genre: Psychodelic Soul Release Date: 2011
120 AED
Lucky Brown: "Mystery Road" LP
Mystery Road is the follow-up to 2011’s Lucky Brown's Space Dream and finds Mr. Lucky Brown still bowling happily down the retro funky soul blacktop with even greater gusto than before. This project is comprised of a series of tracks all apparently intended...
140 AED
Ann Peebles: "Part Time Love" LP
Label: Hi Records Genre: Soul Release Date: 1971
110 AED
The Slingshots: "Is This Soul?" LP
The Slingshots were born with the idea of recalling and recovering the rhythmic patterns of funk, the warm vocal melodies of soul, the rich instrumental approach of jazz and the energy of rock. They've already released two 45's. Now it's...
155 AED
Isaac Hayes: "Hot Buttered Soul" LP
Think about how crazy this is for a moment: Stax loses Otis Redding and the Bar-Kays to a plane crash and the rights to their back catalog (and, later, Sam & Dave) to Atlantic. Without their biggest stars and their...
160 AED
Myles Sanko: "Just Being Me" LP
This is the third album by UK-based singer/songwriter, Myles Sanko, who originally hails from Accra in Ghana and debuted in 2014 with an LP called 'Forever Dreaming.' For various reasons, that particular album passed me by (though it was reviewed at...
100 AED
Zara McFarlane: "Arise" LP
Zara McFarlane is a London-based singer and composer with a voice like an angel and a style that reflects her cultural roots in the Caribbean and in the mash-up that is modern metropolitan Britain, where jazz, grime, hip hop, reggae...
195 AED
Tanika Charles: "Soul Run" LP
Based in Toronto and sporting an impressive set of vocal chops, Tanika Charles has long been a star feature of the soul scene in her hometown. But the release of her debut album Soul Run sees her attempting to extend her reach...
120 AED
The Meters: "Fire On The Bayou" LP
The Meters' third album for Reprise, Fire on the Bayou, is their best record for the label for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the high quality of material throughout the record and a focus from the band...
120 AED
Rokk: "I Want To Live High" LP
A debut album that never was, Rokk’s I Want To Live High is that rare misshapen pearl clenched tightly between the shells of a music industry shucked long ago. Too soulful for its disco-era release date, the sextet’s 1976 Tollie-issued 45 “Patience”...
140 AED
DJ Spinna: "The Sound Beyond Stars" LP2
Starting out as a hip-hop DJ in 1994, Vincent Williams has since established himself as one of the major players in the US soulful house scene. Handled by London label BBE, who Williams has a long-standing relationship with, the new compilation...
220 AED
Ras G: "Back On The Planet" LP
LA.’s avant-garde beats scene boasts a high concentration of giddy eccentricity. There are such characters as its poster boy Flying Lotus, the dispensary-fueled scion of a radically progressive musical family, and the bassist Thundercat, who’s singlehandedly propping up the few remaining pieces...
185 AED
Broadcast: "The Noise Made By People" LP
Label: Warp Records Genre: Electronic, Rock Release Date: 03/20/2000
180 AED
Opto Mystics: "New Horizon" LP
Label: Vibraphone Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2018
85 AED
Clark: "Death Peak" LP
Label: Warp Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 4/07/2018
145 AED
Tony Esposito: "Viaggio Tribale EP" LP
Label: Archeo Recordings Genre: Jazz, Pop, Folk, World, & Country Release Date: 4/21/2018
120 AED
La Chance Aux Chansons: "Bouillot" LP
Label: Jazzy Couscous Genre: Electronic Release Date: 3/05/2018
70 AED
Label: SSWB, Bayon Production Genre: Electronic, Rock Release Date: 3/29/2017
180 AED
Sold Out
The Lennie Hibbert Combo: "Moonlight Party" LP
Label: Beach Records Genre: Latino Jazz Release Date: 1961
165 AED

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