Blondey. Stella Populis.: "Pop Will Eat Itself"
Breakfast with Blondey. The new Idea book is Stella Populis a.k.a.Celebrities On Toast a.k.a. Pop art that eats itself. Clothbound hardcover with gold embossing and tipped in the image. 17.5cm x 12cm. 72 pages. Edition of 1000. Article: IBSPPWEI
245 AED
Thomas de Kluyver: "All I Want To Be"
All at once! The most exciting makeup book AND the most immediate book of youth and identity we have ever seen. The title says it all. All I Want To Be. The book is the proof: you really can be whatever...
315 AED
Harley Weir: "Father"
Harley: “The idea took some turns and settled on being more of an exploration and worship of the male body (I use the term male very loosely as it covers the whole spectrum, all the way to women that identify as women)....
315 AED
Gucci by Harmony Korine
Gucci by Harmony Korine. The totally amazing book. Proof that there is life on Mars. And It's Italian! Softcover in slipcase. 25.5cm x 19cm. 370 pages. Edition of 1000. Article: IGBHK
420 AED
Terry Richardson Skinny
Hardcover. 168 pages. 20cm x 25cm. Edition of 1000 Article: ITRS
310 AED
865 Willy Vanderperre
865 WILLY VANDERPERRE. The new IDEA book. Published on May 3rd 2019. Includes the fanzine 485 REMIXED. Softcover. 25 x 20 cm. 296 pages Article: I865WV
310 AED
[SIGNED] 1500 Willy Vanderperre
1500 WILLY VANDERPERRE. The new very limited edition IDEA book. Published on May 3rd, 2019. Includes a reprint of 635, the new 865 books, the fanzine 485 REMIXED and a signed and numbered photographic print (the cloud written W). Hardcover....
2,800 AED
Kanye, Juergen & Kim
Article: IDB-13 The mythical 'does it / did it ever exist' photobook by Juergen Telle really is real! Printed by System Magazine but never published and unavailable for release until now. This is your chance. Nothing could be more 2016. Proof...
210 AED
The Palace Alasdair Mclellan
Hardcover. 128 pages. 21 x 29.7cm. Edition of 1000. Article: IDB-12 The Palace by Alasdair McLellan. The blockbuster book of summer 2016. The visual history of Palace Skateboards and PWBC with photographs by Alasdair McLellan, text by Stuart Hammond, original graphics...
250 AED
Hardcover. 128 pages. 21 x 29.7cm. Edition of 1000. Article: IDB-12 FANPAGES 2! Unimaginable. The sequel. Erdem, Clare Waight Keller, Beth Ditto, Brett Anderson and subjects including but by no means limited to Lil Kim and Crisp Packet Jewellery!
250 AED
Femininities Guy Bourdin
Softcover. 160 pages. 32cm x 24cm Article: IDB-11 Femininities Guy Bourdin. A book by Chloé. Texts by Judith Clark and Christian Caujolle.  Bourdin’s work in this rare book has captured the effervescent spirit of the Chloé girl. "Natural femininity" in a...
160 AED
Glen Luchford The Agony and the Ecstasy
180 pages. 26cm x 23.5cm. Edition of 1000 Article: IDB-10 Clothbound hardcover with a tipped-in lenticular image.
320 AED
Drew Jarrett 1994
Article: IDB-09 Hardcover with a wraparound band. 96 pages. Edition of 1000. The color and black and white prints are drawn from the book 1994 and include Kate Moss, Mario and Davide Sorrenti, Stella Tennant and Milla Jovovich.
320 AED
10 photographic prints on 10 x 8 inch matt paper. Article:IDB-08 DREW JARRETT 1994 THE PRINT BOX. Published by IDEA in 2017 in an edition of 50.  Housed in a cloth-covered clamshell box with interleaved tissue sheets and a certificate...
3,525 AED
96 lined and blank pages including 15 full color illustrations. Printed in Italy. 20 x 25cm. Article:IDB-07
150 AED
My Keanu Fanzine
Softcover fanzine. 68 pages. 29.5 x 21cm. Comes with 4x6" photo print and 54 x 40.5cm poster. Edited by Ava Nirui, designed by PZ. Edition of 500. Article: IDB-06 My Keanu. The story of Meredith Nirui (and Keanu Reeves).  
210 AED
Softcover with black foiling. 27cm x 20cm. Edition of 500. Article:IDB-05 The snapshot photographs of Richard Habberley. In 1980, Michael Clark was his boyfriend and Boy George his flatmate. He was 16. Now a little older, he is one of...
320 AED
Vinca Petersen Deuce and a Quarter
Hardcover with silver foiling. 128 pages. 26cm x 26cm. Edition of 1000. Article:IDB-04 In 1999, Vinca took a road trip across Texas with Corinne Day, Rosemary Ferguson and Susie Babchick. ‘Deuce and a Quarter' was the street name for the...
320 AED
GUCCI Dapper Dan's Harlem by Ari Marcopoulos
34 pages. 33cm by 23cm and an inch thick. Gold silk ribbon bookmark. Article: IDB-03 The most amazing Gucci book yet. Dapper Dan's Harlem by Ari Marcopoulos is a leather-bound, gold text embossed bible of Harlem, where Dapper Dan introduced high...
1,230 AED
Softcover. 30cm x 23cm. 344 pages. Edition of 1000. Article:IDB-02 Self Service 1994-2015, The Ads. More than 300 fashion ads from 25 years of Self Service in this one book. Instantaneously the definitive reference to conpetmporary fashion advertising. Raf Simons, APC,...
285 AED
23cm x 16.5cm. 126 pages. Edition of 1500. Article:IDB-01 The Vintage You. A book of 211 portraits of Self Service friends and collaborators as they were 10 or 15 or 25 years ago. Cloth bound hardcover with 6 different dust...
285 AED