Run-DMC: "King Of Rock" LP
"Run-DMC's self-titled 1984 debut pushed the doors of pop music open, showing that hip-hop was not the fad that haters had prophesized. As they proved decisively on Run-DMC, rap was a legit art form, fully capable of producing long-players full...
150 AED
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VA: "Record Kicks 15th-The Explosive Sound Of Today's Scene" LP
  Record Kicks celebrates 15 years in the business with a collection full of exclusive new singles. Available in ltd edition double clear vinyl LP, CD and digital download.  Side by side with similar outfits like Daptone, Truth And Soul,...
175 AED
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VA: "Follow Me To The Popcorn: The Untold History Of The Belgium Popcorn Scene" LP
Originating in Belgium at the tail end of the 1960s and into the '70s, popcorn was a music and dance scene with an emphasis on often obscure black American records of the then recent past. Drawing immediate parallels with the...
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Placebo: "Placebo" LP
Label: Music On Vinyl Genre: Soul-Jazz Release Date: 2014  
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Soothsayers: "Lost City" LP
Label: Red Earth Records Genre: Jazz Release Date: 2014 Article: F_0838
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Lafawndah: "Tan" LP
Label: Warp Records Genre: Electronic Release Date: 2016
70 AED
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