Mirror By Kaws Eau De Toilette
The Mirror fragrance is a collaboration between Comme des Garçons and the American artist and designer Kaws. The designer creates a musky floral scent and decides to engrave the bottle with a drawing of his character Companion appearing in a...
400 AED
ERL Sunscreen Eau De Toilette
Summer breeze, and the smell of sunscreen. Coconut, bergamot and heliotrope are in osmosis, The fruity and slightly sweet notes of peach reinforce the delicacy of lily of the valley for a light and floating fragrance.
425 AED
CDG2 MAN Eau de Toilette
A worker, a man who loves his work... Incense, White Smoke, Saffron Flowers, Nutmeg, Kumquat, Fresh Crinkly Mint, Vetiver Roots, Mahogany Wood, Leather
500 AED
Stüssy Laguna Beach Eau de Toilette
Stüssy has collaborated with Comme des Garçons Parfums on a fragrance that captures the mood, essence, and lifestyle of Laguna Beach. Natural marine freshness, moss, and atlas cedar mix with white solar flowers to create an all-new, organic, laid back...
340 AED
CDG Eau de Toilette Ouarzazate
Incense, to make one dream of a spiritual journey across the world\'s historical centers. An evolution of time and space. OUARZAZATE: Incense, Pepper, Nutmeg, Clary Sage, Wenge, Musk, Vanilla, Labdanum, Absolute, Kashmir Wood
365 AED
Odeur 71 Spray
The second anti perfume. A deeping of the research into solid phase micro technology cloning inorganic smells from modern daily life and mixing them with natural ingredients. Smell of dust on a Hot Light-Bulb, Warm Photocopier Toner, Hot Metal, A...
545 AED
Play Red Eau de Toilette
Design by not designing.No design is design.The prototype is strong.Absence of concept is creation. Red Mandarin, Safraleinem, Pink Peppercorns, Red Cherry Accord, Geranium, Cinnamon, Osmanthus, Myrrh, Balsam of Tolu.
410 AED
Play Black Eau de Toilette
Design by not designing.No design is design.The prototype is strong.Absence of concept is creation. Black Pepper, Pepperwood, Red Pepper, Violet, Thyme, Black Tea, Birch Tar, Incense, Tree Moss.
410 AED
Play Green Eau de Toilette
Mint Nanah, Lime, Juniper Berry, Basil, Jasmine, Lentisk, Abelmoschus, Vetiver, Cedar.
410 AED
Odeur Du Theatre Du Chatelet Eau de Toilette
Inspired by the history of the theatre mixed with the modernity of its new creative director Ruth Mackenzie. In other words, past and future have an olfactory dialogue on the velvet seats of the Parisian landmark in the tradition of...
545 AED
Dot Eau de Parfum
CDG DOT captures the suave floralcy with fruity tonalities that emanates from the blossoms with radiant green notes to illustrate the leaves and white ambery woods that reflect the bark of the Osmantus tree. Top notes: Leafy greeness, Bitter orange,...
430 AED
Artek Standard Eau de Toilette
A contemporary and dynamic approach to a perfume. An ideology which is more art than tech. Modernist white wood with notes of rusted metal. Fennel, Ginger, Lemon, Saffron, Cedar wood, Musk.Concept: artekProduced by Comme des Garçons Parfums
410 AED
Grace Eau de Toilette
“I so don’t like change. I’ve always loved the smell of roses and the first fragrance I ever wore was rose water. Over time, I’ve experimented with everyone else’s version of Rose, and even got sidetracked by some others along...
545 AED
Rouge Eau de Parfum
Seductive incense entangled with vegetal roots. Ardent woods set boldly aflame. Resinous depth illuminated by beetroot brights.A ceremonial clash of contrasts. A radical revelation of blazing harmonies. BRIGHT: Crushed clusters of spicy-sweet pink peppercorns. The enlightening intensity of Indonesian ginger....
635 AED
Monocle Scent Two: Laurel Eau de Toilette
"We wanted to capture the same smell and sensation enjoyed while staying with friends in Batroun, Lebanon. It's warm, inviting and at times a little sharp - just like the country." says Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé Yellow Lemon,...
430 AED
CDG Eau de Parfum
We can find beautiful things without consciousness.A fragrance that couldn't exist in a bottle that shouldn't exist. What qualifies anything for the right to exist? Who has the right to decide what should be rejected?Purposely taking a bottle that has...
430 AED
Copper Eau de Parfum
Fiery red metal, cool to the touch. Luminous berries atop darkened leaves. COPPER is an olfactive interrogation of perceived differences and their harmonious alignment.A blend of distinct olfactive components: vivid pinks positioned against deep greens. Bright contrasts reveal new clarity....
635 AED
Concrete Eau de Parfum
An exploration of destruction, construction and creation, CONCRETE by Comme des Garçons Parfums is a fragrance where material preconceptions are deftly demolished, paving the way for something new.Destruction of precious santalwood. Construction with rose oxyde. Creation with Comme Des Garçons...
635 AED
Blackpepper Eau de Parfum
An electric collision of molecules: the crash of spicy pepper seeds suspended within in nite darkness.A resonant reverberation of dynamic intensity. Spice, seen through the transformative gaze of Comme des Garçons. Warm, dry Madagascan Pepper cracks against fiery Cedarwood. Rich,...
500 AED
Floriental Eau de Parfum
Floriental is a disrupted floral fragrance that challenges the traditions of perfumery to reimagine a flower that has no scent.A creative collision that blurs the lines between the floral and the oriental to create something completely new.An odourless flower is...
500 AED
Wonderoud Eau de Parfum
One of nature’s most precious gifts, worth its weight in gold. An aromatic resin, scented with subtle notes, Oud is known as The Black Gold of Perfumers.Used only for the most precious and mythical concoctions, its powerful and rich character...
525 AED
Odeur 53 Eau de Toilette
An abstract anti perfume. The latest technology is used to clone odours from inorganic materials. Smells never before used, with no precise name only abstract ideas. The Freshness of Oxygen, Flaming Rock, Freshly Mowed Grass, Wash Drying in the Wind,...
545 AED
Monocle Scent Four: Yoyogi Eau de Toilette
This fourth addition to the series is inspired by morning jogs in and around Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park.The appealing and energizing unisex fragrance takes its woody lead from cypress and freshly mown grass.With its damp, sweet and green notes, the fragrance...
430 AED
Monocle Scent Three: Sugi Eau de Toilette
A light, energizing and sophisticated fragrance inspired by the sugi – also known as Japanese cedar – which is a popular ornamental plant in Japan. A refreshing unisex scent, beginning with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and pepper from Madagascar,...
430 AED
Monocle Scent One: Hinoki Eau de Toilette
The inspiration for this fragrance comes from a perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning spent soaking in a tub at the Tawaraya in Kyoto.It pulls together our memory of the mosses and trees outdoors and sharp notes of the boxy,...
430 AED
Comme 3 Eau de Toilette
An imaginary flower: the flower you want it to be, the flower in your dreams. A new rose, incandescent, electric, opalescent. Rose Oxide, Mandarin, Magnolia Leaf, Basil, Gingko Leaf, Blackcurrant Flower, Red Pepper, Angelica Root, Cardamon, Mace, Black Rose Leaf,...
430 AED
Series #10 CLASH Radish Vetiver
Comme des Garçons' 10th Parfum series Clash focuses on fostering the strength of difference, bringing together elements that were never meant to be associated. Comme des Garçon perfume art director Christian Astuguevielle researched what comes when these two opposing raw...
230 AED
Series #10 CLASH Celluloid Galbanum
Comme des Garçons' 10th Parfum series Clash focuses on fostering the strength of difference, bringing together elements that were never meant to be associated. Comme des Garçon perfume art director Christian Astuguevielle researched what comes when these two opposing raw...
230 AED
BLACK Comme des Garçons Eau de Toilette
Modern dark smoky addictive perfume, men and women can both wear it. White and black packaging with logo of Comme des Garçons Black stores. Black pepper from Madagascar, incense of Somalia, leather, liquorice, birch tar, pepperwood, cedarwood, vetiver.
430 AED
Blue Santal Eau de Parfum
An iced, cooling Australian sandalwood accompanied with warm pine notes and sharp juniper berries. Mediterranean parasol pine, juniper berryessence, blue pepper, Australian sandalwood.
500 AED
Amazingreen Eau de Parfum
A dazzling fusion of organic and mineral, of freshness and depth. An astounding blast of green energy, the creation of the ultimate green fragrance, Amazingreen. Palm tree leaves, Green pepper, Hazelnut.Ivy leaves, Orris roots, Coriander seeds, Silex.Gunpowder accord, Vetiver, Smoke,...
400 AED
Wonderwood Eau de Parfum
An Evocation of Exuberance. A positive overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood constructions (Wood gone mad). Madagascan Pepper, Bergamot, Somalian Incense, Nutmeg, Cristalon, Cashmeran, Gaïac wood, Cedarwood, Carvi graines, Javanol, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Oud (Agarwood)
500 AED
White Eau de Toilette
White, bright & Light. Retaining some of the stimulating spices from Eau de Parfum, White also contains white flowers such as Lily of the Valley and White May Rose. Pomegranate, Tagette Absolute, Pepper, Coriander, Cardamon, May Rose, Lily of the...
410 AED
Eau de Parfum
Eau de parfum is the original Comme des Garçons Parfum, launched in 1994. A perfume that works like a medicine and behaves like a drug. Labdanum, Styrax, Cedarwood, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Honey, Rose, Cloves, Nutmeg, Incense, Sandalwood
380 AED
CDG2 Eau de Parfum
Comme des Garçons 2 plays with complements and contrasts... with reflection and opacity... with mirrors and brilliance... with light and shadow... with earth and the energy of the sun. Ink, Incense, Amber, Labdanum, Patchouli, Chinese, Cedarwood, New Aldehydes, Cumin, Angelica...
500 AED
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