Kosuke Kawamura Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Collaboration with Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura The design perfectly reflects Kosuke's aesthetic of black and white, sci-fi, re-constructed, twisted art. Introduce yourself to his universe: Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm) Article: 4530956577111
880 AED
Jean Michel Basquiat #5 Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent. Basquiat first achieved fame as part of SAMO, an informal graffiti duo who wrote enigmatic epigrams in the cultural hotbed of the Lower East Side of Manhattan during...
880 AED
G.I.D Multi Colored Tokyo Skytree Be@rbrick 400%+100%
This extremely rare Be@rbrick is exclusive for the Medicom Toy's flagship store located at the famous Tokyo Skytree Solomachi location. It comes in the set of 400%+ 100% and glowing in the dark. For the real collectors only!   Size: 400%...
880 AED
Fragment Design “All-Seeing Eye” Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Japanese label Medicom reveals a new set of figures designed by Fragment Design in collaboration with Tohidu Foundation. Here Freemason symbols dubbed the “All-Seeing Eye” appear on this monochrome 400%+ 100% Be@rbrick. Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
770 AED
Japan X Hide "Yellow Heart" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Tribute to heavy metal legend Hide from X Japan Band. The inspiration of design comes from his famous Yellow Heart guitar Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
1,010 AED
Garfield Be@rbrick 400%
Stepping out of character – quite literally – for Japanese toymakers Medicom, everyone’s favourite lazy, lasagne-loving tabby cat strays from his selfish and sleeping ways to stand tall and make a "Nice touch" to any of your surroundings. Should you choose...
630 AED
Alife Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Stretching its sartorial status to new heights, Medicom's famed Be@rbrick proves its worth in the fashion stakes this season. Collaborating with Manhattan based streetwear label Alfie, this duo of 100% and 400% figurines are printed on their all white statures with the...
880 AED
Mika Ninagawa "Leather Rose" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa collaborates once again with Medicom Toy for a new Bearbrick Set featuring a pattern of roses taken from a picture taken by the artist. Medicom Toy uses a water printing technique to produce this Bearbrick in order...
880 AED
Ohzora Tsubasa Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Leading his team to victory, Captain Tsubasa steps onto the field with Medicom by his side. A double dose of Be@rbrick, these football favorite line up in 100% and 400%; wearing their team colors with pride. A manga remix, these Medicom figures...
880 AED
Japan X Hide "Green Heart" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Tribute to heavy metal legend Hide from X Japan Band. The inspiration of design comes from his famous guitar but in a new colorway. Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
1,010 AED
Pushead Be@rbrick 400%+ 100%
Brian Schroeder (a.k.a. Pushead) is an artist, record label owner, and writer within the hard rock punk and heavy metal culture He was first active as the singer for the band Septic Death, obscure during their 1980s career but later recognized as pioneers of the thrashcore genre....
980 AED
Kigurumi Peko-chan G.I.D R@bbrick 400%+100%
The long-term collaboration between Medicom Toy and Japanese candy empire Fujiya finds it's an exclusive embodiment in extremely limited edition R@bbrick in 400%+ 100% form. This time legendary "Milky" gets revolutionized in its iconic cuteness with Ra@bbrick and glowing in...
1,065 AED
Kokeburick Gold Plated Be@rbrick 400%+ 100%
For over a century, Kokeshi dolls have been hand carved and crafted in North-Eastern Japan as charming toys for children. Now that Medicom Toy takes inspiration from the Japanese tradition for these Kokeburick be@rbricks, big kids can have all the fun too....
880 AED
Sesame Street "Ernie" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Housed under one roof with best friend Bert, Muppet’s naïve trouble-maker Ernie invites himself into your space with these collectable Be@rbricks. One half of the comical duo living at 123 Sesame Street, Japanese toymakers Medicom welcome the bubble-bath-loving, late-night saxophone playing Muppet into...
880 AED
Genzo Wakabayashi Be@rbrick 400%+100%
It’s about time some of Japan’s famous animated footballers took on their BE@RBRICK forms! Featuring none other than Tsubasa’s long-time rival and ace goalkeeper, Genzo Wakabayashi from the reborn classic in his red Nankatsu SC uniform. Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)...
880 AED
KIDILL x Kousake Shimzu Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Designed by the artist Kousake Shimzu for Japanese brand KIDILL Cute and dark to express your inner twisted nature Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
770 AED
Chimutan R@bbrick 400%+100%
Built in a pretty and pink plastic construction with articulated limbs, this pair make up a serious collectors piece. Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm) Article: 4530956545011
880 AED
Curtis Kuling "Love Me" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
This set of Be@rbricks was created in collaboration with New York-based artist, designer and photographer Curtis Kuling who is best known for his bright expression, and Love Me campaign. Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
880 AED
Michael Jackson "BAD" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
King of Pop himself is immortalized in a form of collectible artwork by Medicom Toy. These 400% and 100% are dressed in exactly the same iconic outfit from his 7th studio album cover "BAD" Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
830 AED
Hanabi Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Coming in sizes 100% and 400%, the figures are a nod to summer festivities in Japan. Printed over a glossy black base, vivid hues of Japanese firework explosions cover all of the head, and upper body, which includes the arms...
880 AED
Sesame Street "Bert" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Moving out of his basement apartment at 123 Sesame Street, the Muppet’s most serious, studious character transforms himself into two playful Be@rbricks for the home and desktop. Ernie’s best friend in the infamous puppet sketch, invite these bright-yellow Medicom bears to the place...
880 AED
Japan X Hide "Black Heart" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Tribute to heavy metal legend Hide from X Japan Band. The inspiration of design comes from his famous guitar but in a new colorway. Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
1,010 AED
KIDILL × Eri Wakiyama "Bat & Rose" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
Designed by the artist Eri Wakiyama for Japanese brand KIDILL Soft and violent like Kawaii Vampire Size: 400% (280mm) + 100% (70mm)
1,100 AED
The Boy And The Beast "Kumatetsu" Be@rbrick 400%+100%
This Bearbrick set represents Kumatetsu the main character of the Japanese animation movie "The Boy and the Beast". Kumatetsu is one of the two pretenders to be the next Lord of the Beasts Kingdom, he will meet and train Ren,...
690 AED

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