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Space Available

Written and Edited By: Nathaniel Enriquez

Space Available is a creative platform under an ecological design studio on a mission to create a circular future. Led by a global community of artists, designers, scientists, and environmentalists. Connecting the dots between nature, culture, and design.

As specialists in circular design solutions, they create spaces, concepts, products, and experiences based on the regenerative principles of the natural world. Their holistic approach involves bio-innovation, radical waste recycling, upcycling, future craft, and digital communications for the new earth.

Their ethos is built around education, conversation, and collaboration. We interview Space Available in the latest edition of FRAME ABOUT BRANDS.

FRAME: Can you tell me more about the mission and vision of Space Available?

Space Available's mission is to make space for nature and build towards a circular future. By using materials which are commonly known as 'waste' we are trying to change the perception of 'waste' and show that it's a valuable material we are discarding.

How does Space Available incorporate circular design principles into its projects and initiatives?

We use 'waste' material such as plastic which we recycled into material for use in art, architecture and design. And clothing made from recycled cotton and plant-based dying techniques. We also work with bio material in search of alternatives such as mycelium.

FRAME: What types of spaces, concepts, products, or experiences does Space Available create?

We are building an ecosystem that makes space for circular design. The spaces include the school (education), studio (creation & recycling), store (collaboration) and our museum (inspiration). We want to become more of an institute for circular design and not just another brand.

FRAME: Can you give me an example of a project that exemplifies Space Available regenerative principles?

Our mycelium works we feel are fully regenerative. They are grown by nature in a lab environment and they are fully biodegradable and will nourish the soil at the end of life.

FRAME: How does Space Available promote education, conversation, and collaboration within its community?

We create free community driven experiences in Bali. We recently launched the Circular design academy which is free educational classes across recycling, upcycling and bio design. For us education and skill sharing is the key - and giving access to people within the local community for free. We also built the Museum of Space Available; which communicates that the 'waste' we recycle is of high value.. and belongs in a museum and not the ocean! Our collaborative exhibitions are created to both educate and inspire through immersive art and design . We also run talk series, and do workshops all around the world promoting circular design.

FRAME: What role do artists, designers, scientists, and environmentalists play in the work of Space Available?

We work with a wide collective of people who help us on our mission, from bio scientists, artists, designers and architects. Our work is research driven and requires people from diverse background and skill sets to make our projects innovation and with impact.

FRAME: Could you explain the concept of bio-innovation and how it is applied in Space Available's projects?

We starting off recycling plastic - which in our current state is essential but we dont see it as a long term solution. Biomaterial for us is a much more sustainable solution, it's just very much in its infancy and we are we are currently experimenting with mycelium ,seaweed and much more. Its a material that will nourish vs poison if its discarded in nature.

FRAME: Can you describe some of the future craft techniques used by Space Available?

We work with ancient techniques such as weaving, carving and plant dying... but take it into the future with new innovative materials or with 'waste' - this for us is the ethos of future craft. Space Available is based in Bali, a place where craft culture still exists and we want to preserve and treasure this traditional wisdom.

FRAME: How do digital communications contribute to Space Available's mission and the promotion of a circular future?

We use digital comms to spread our message further. Hopefully through inspiring creativity in a non-preachy way. We have an in-house creative team built up of young designers who I feel are doing a great job in spreading our mission further and taking circular design into a new space within the cultural landscape. People really resonate with our graphics and creative approach so I hope it's having some kind of impact!

Photo courtesy: Space Available

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