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SAMSUNG X FRAME Galaxy Z Flip4 Event Recap

As the launch event unfolded, attendees were immersed in a multisensory experience that left an indelible impression. At the heart of the launch event lay the much-anticipated unveiling of the exclusive product line, symbolizing the harmonious synthesis of the UAE's natural beauty and Samsung's cutting-edge technological innovation. The products showcased at the event surpassed mere functional devices; they represented a profound tribute to the UAE's stunning landscapes, cultural heritage, and artistic traditions. The collaboration between FRAME and Samsung had transcended the boundaries of a typical product launch, transforming into a grand celebration of the perfect union between art, technology, and creativity. The ultimate goal was to shine a spotlight on the innovative efforts of passionate creators who were actively working towards conserving and reinvigorating the UAE's cultural legacy.

In an exciting collaboration, FRAME, a brand known for promoting local youth culture, has partnered with Samsung, a global technology leader. They have curated a unique line of products that combines FRAME's creative vision with Samsung's commitment to innovation. Inspired by the revolutionary Galaxy Z Flip4, the collaboration aims to showcase the creative endeavors of creators who are dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the rich heritage and culture of the UAE.

The collaboration between FRAME and Samsung represents a fusion of tradition and modernity, blending technology with craftsmanship and bridging the old and the new. The goal is to highlight the innovative efforts of creators passionate about conserving and reinvigorating the UAE's cultural heritage. The launch event of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and FRAME collaboration promised a one-of-a-kind experience. It brought together advanced technology and distinctive artistry, combining FRAME's creative expertise with Samsung's technological brilliance.

Attendees enjoyed live music from ABRI and Muhasina Four, an installation that pays homage to the FRAME store at D3, and a Natural Dyed Workshop by Al Ghadeer Emirati Crafts, offering a rich cultural experience. The collaboration also embraces the UAE's natural resources through the Al Ghadeer Emirati Crafts Project. The project uses indigenous plants and minerals to create an extraordinary material, employing time-honored dyeing techniques without harmful chemicals. Craftswomen played a vital role in the project, using their skills to extract vibrant hues and create unique patterns and tones.

The event's highlight is the unveiling of the exclusive product line, which represents the synthesis of the natural beauty of the UAE and technological innovation. It’s more than just a product launch, it is a tribute to the UAE's natural beauty and a celebration of the harmonious marriage of art, technology, and creativity.

Special thanks to our collaborators; Samsung, Shell Homage, ARDH Collective, House of Artisans, and Insomnia. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to our event partners; Room-Five Creative Facility, Al Ghadeer Emirati Crafts, YUi & Dubai Culture.


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