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October 11, 2020

Rassvet (PACCBET) is a skate brand turned high-end streetwear brand, which brings a new energy to the fashion, art, skateboarding, and music scene in their city in a community of likeminded Muscovites. The word Rassvet, meaning “sunrise”, illustrates this community’s common desire to highlight a new dawn in Russian youth culture.

    Founded by Comme des Garçons alumni Gosha Rubchinskiy and his friend Tolia Titaev, Rassvet is indeed a “shining star” that cultivates streetwear in the world of fashion. Aesthetically, Rassvet is a nostalgic dream of a young boy who was raised in a working-class family and lived through the Soviet Era in the 90’s. A core element in Rassvet’s aesthetic is the gritty approach of the American dream from the point of view of post-Soviet Union youth. The design aspect of the brand, therefore, is influenced by American workwear, skateboarding, and sportswear with the symbolic messages about universal unity and harmony within humankind. 

  Continuously making an ascension, Rassvet released the seventh collection this FW20 season. The latest collection is fulfilled with relaxed fitted sweats in colors inspired by 1980 Moscow Olympics, lo-fi graphics of sacred geometry, new variation of “bogos” on the t-shirts and bootleg reinterpretation of logo of TV Channel Russia Today into “Рассвет Сегодня” (Sunrise Today).

    The main highlight of this collection is Rassvet’s second collaboration with Moscow’s heritage museum, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Following last year’s cooperative work that featured a number Paul Gaugin’s post-impressionist paintings, “Ukiyo-e” or woodblock prints of Japan’s Edo-era inspired artists Tsukioka Yoshitoshi and Utagawa Sadahide are showcased this season. The latest collaboration is based on the three main artworks: a duel between Inuzuka Shino and Inukai Genpachi on the roof of Horyukaku Tower of Kogo Castle, Moon of Goro from the set of prints "Snow, Moon, and Flowers with Valiant Warriors" by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, and Mukan No Tayu Atsumori on horseback by Utagawa Sadahide.

    Both artists are generally considered as the last masters of Japanese traditional art of woodblock prints. Meticulous attention to the details and striking fusion of forms and colors accented by a clear outlining technique, create a truly remarkable art-legacy by Japanese’s masters that can never be replicated ever again. Those powerful artworks are expressed on the premium denim jackets, box-fitted t-shirts, tote bags and skate decks as ultimate collectables.

    Rassvet is constantly striving to “shine” and push streetwear and skateboarding to a completely new dimension by exploring creativity in each new season, and the continuation of its collaboration with Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is a testament to this.


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