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My name is Mahmoud
My journey with exploring music started when I was around the age of 14, I was always curious of how specific songs and sounds were made and at the time I used to listen to stuff like pearl jam, pierce the veil, earl sweatshirt, skrillex , yung lean and etc..
I moved to china at the age of 16 to study business in Chinese language but my stay in china meant much more than just studying, I realized my love for music, audio and sound in general. That is when I started Djing
The music that I used to play at the time was top commercial and top billboard stuff and I never even knew that the house and techno genre was so wide and full of variety. With time I developed an ear to specific sounds that I like to hear in my music and sounds that I want other to hear and feel when I play. Now I dj some sort of experimental ,minimal deep techno and house music.. with a touch of random tracks here and there


Artwork by: @nottinottinotti

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