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Jazz Zamora is a DJ and dancer based in Manila. He’s been DJ-ing in bars and clubs since 2011 but started out his DJ-ing career in dance jams and events. Aside from being a DJ for Very Done, a collective of artists based in Manila, he’s also the creative director of LMN, a dance crew that has competed and won locally and represented the country numerous times. Jazz’s love for DJ-ing and decision to become one was a very natural route, heavily rooted from creating one of a kind music mixes for dance routines for performances and competitions and finding the love for music from there.

Being in a unique position of being a dancer by night and DJ later into the night, Jazz uses these two passions to drive his style and sound - playing music that sounds good, regardless of genre. This blend of fields gives him an array of different kinds of music that he can blend into sets that will make you get out of your seat and vibe. So whether you find him spinning for dance battles and jams or at bars and clubs in town, his goal stays the same and that’s to set the vibe right and make you dance.

Artwork by: @nottinottinotti

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