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For the second month of Frame Run Club, we present to you a 40-minute Garage playlist, perfect for a high tempo 5km run. Plug in and let the bpm carry your legs.


Track 1. Bakey - Vibing Season (4:27)

Vibing Season by Bakey is a smooth, groove-infused track that blends electronic and lo-fi elements. Its rhythmic flow and mellow beats create a perfect backdrop for relaxation and unwinding.


Track 2. Rio - Make A Move (2:45)

Make A Move by Rio is an energetic and catchy track with a driving beat and vibrant melodies. Its upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm make it a perfect song for dancing and getting energized.


Track 3. Kettama - This Break Sounds Better With You (5:20)

This Break Sounds Better With You by Kettama is a dynamic track that combines breakbeat rhythms with smooth, melodic elements. Its compelling beats and catchy hooks create a captivating listening experience, perfect for both dance floors and relaxed settings.


Track 4. Dismantle - Ghost (4:22)

Ghost by Dismantle is a powerful track that fuses intense basslines with haunting melodies. Its deep, driving rhythms and atmospheric elements create a dark and immersive listening experience, perfect for fans of electronic and bass music.

Track 5. M4A4 - Starbeam (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) (5:23)

Starbeam (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) by M4A4 is an electrifying track that blends futuristic beats with dynamic rhythms. The remix enhances the original with pulsating basslines and energetic drops, creating a captivating and danceable experience perfect for the club scene.


Track 6. Yvette Jones - Smarties (3:23)

Smarties by Yvette Jones is a lively and upbeat track featuring playful melodies and infectious rhythms. Its vibrant sound and catchy hooks make it a feel-good song that's perfect for brightening up any playlist.


Track 7. Prozak - Higher (5:01)

Higher by Prozak is an uplifting track that combines soaring melodies with powerful beats. Its inspirational vibe and dynamic production create an energizing listening experience, perfect for motivation and positivity.


Track 8. Moktar - Silk (5:03)

Silk by Moktar is a mesmerizing track that weaves together silky-smooth melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Its ethereal soundscapes and dreamy atmosphere create a captivating listening experience, transporting listeners to a serene and tranquil place.


Track 9. Human Movement - House Check (4:28)

House Check by Human Movement is a pulsating track that embodies the essence of classic house music. With its infectious groove and driving beat, the song captures the spirit of the dance floor, inviting listeners to move and groove to its infectious rhythm.

Take a look at our highlights from last month and see what we've been up to on our runs.

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