"An act in Play"

A story by FRAME about being "actors" in the never-ending story of life

When special moments become memories, people and places can have a deeper meaning. In every moment in life, we keep writing the next chapters and playing continuous scenes of reality.

Comme Des Garcons Play is a diffusion line that allows avant-garde empire of Rei Kawakubo to have a playful, less severe but traditionally beautiful expression.

Iconic "Heart" logo was created back in 2002 by New York-based graphic artists Filip Pagowski. Growing up in the artistic family in the late 60s in Poland shaped his ability to create something memorable, dynamic, vital, and truly powerful.

There's something mysterious behind this simple design. Heart with the eyes could symbolize the vision-based on our feelings and emotions. Following our heart and playing as we living.


Comme Des Garcons Play is available for men, woman, and kids along with the Converse collaboration, in-store and online.