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FRAME Skate Jam

“Happy Go Skate Day"

There could be monsters under your bed, viruses outside, dragons in the sky, but nothing can stop us from riding into the sunset.

We continue to push forward and support passionate skaters through the upcoming Frame Skate Jam 15.
As a continuation of the “Explorer” format, the competition will consist of two categories.

Participating skaters must pick a category, perform the trick on any street spot and film it, and post the video on Instagram.

Category 1: “Best in Rails” (Class A and B)
Skaters need to find a rail and do a trick on it. The winner will be chosen based on how complex and well-executed the trick is.
Category 2: “Most Flips in a Row” (Class A and B)
Skaters need to do the most flips in a row as one sequence. It doesn’t matter what kind of flip. The winner will be chosen based on the highest number of flips nailed at one go.

Big shoutout who showed some love and participated.

Our Winners:
Category 1: “Best in Rails”
Class A: @slyym_jim
Class B: @h_e_l_l_n_o

Category 2: “Most Flips in a Row”
Class A: @dhing420
Class B: @jhayjhaymana

Here's the Winners:

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