"Meaning of FRAME comes from the idea of involving into perspective. - "Perspective" In this context means one FRAME, One vision."


With La Cabra Coffee we providing outstanding coffee experience and we look for Brightness in coffee, by which we refer to the taste of the final cup and the entirety of the sensory experience that accompanies it. This approach requires that we pay close attention to our raw material and that we understand how varietal, terroir and processing conditions influence the taste profile.


The goal was simple. At YUi, we wanted to invite people to discover the deep flavors of Japanese cuisine. The guiding principle at YUi is to provide high quality, well-balanced taste to enable people to set out on a true culinary experience. We use only the freshest, high-quality produce and ingredients. The noodles are made in-house using Japanese flour, while the local chicken is sourced for the Ramen broth and simmered to bring out the rich flavor.

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