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Written and Edited By: Nathaniel Enriquez

Life Is Unfair is the brainchild of Jack Mitchell. Inspired by the 90s skateboarding culture and Tony Hawk video games, Life is Unfair pays homage to decades that helped shape skaters today. With Life Is Unfair's eccentric glitter-infused heart & punk combination, the brand hopes to influence a more wholesome and simple life while staying true to skateboarding roots.

Jack Mitchell was born in Hillingdon, West London, where he grew up in a less desirable area called Hayes. After a traumatic incident at 11 years old, they moved to Bournemouth and discovered their passion for skateboarding through playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, leading to a friendship with another skater and the start of their daily skateboarding routine.

He created his first Instagram post on May 2nd, 2020, but even before that, in 2019, he designed a knitted jumper with an all-over print. Inspired by his love for Malcolm in the Middle and the 8-bit style of the show's titles, he incorporated the Stüssy typeface into the design. The jumper featured the last lyric of the theme tune, "Life is unfair," in the same font, creating a humorous and unique visual aesthetic.

In reflecting on his personal journey, Jack explains how his style underwent a transformation after experiencing a serious illness. Initially drawn to aggressive and punk-influenced aesthetics, his perspective shifted towards a desire for happiness and a simpler, more wholesome life. This shift in mindset led to the emergence of cutesy elements such as hearts, stars, glitter, and shiny stickers in his work.

Life Is Unfair, represents a balance between the contrasting aspects of his personality: one being the grumpy old man who critiques the negativity in the world, and the other being the pursuit of kindness and making the most of what life offers. Through his graphics, he incorporates both of these elements, showcasing a fusion of his punk roots and his aspiration to be a positive force in the world.

When asked what or who his inspirations are, he says: ”I love lists so I’ll get too excited and end up with a 100 bullet points if I don’t limit it to five. I guess to summarise what inspires me to do what I do it would be: Impending death, animal prints, really big graphics, sexiness and swear words, natural dyes, and googly eyes.”

The latest Life is Unfair collection is now available in-store and online.

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