Undercover x Wacko Maria Gilapple
Master of avant-garde Jun Takahashi has collaborated with Wacko Maria to create his signature Gilapple with Medicom Toy. This collectible artwork features extravantgart color of Wacko Maria and works as a light. Size: Hight- 11cm Article: 4530956536873
400 AED
Fuck Dream Paradise Tokyo : Jiro Konami x Wacko Maria
Published by Wacko Maria, Softcover, 2016 This photo book is the perfect collaboration that accurately captures the chaos, joy, and elegance of the nightlife in Tokyo. Real life moments of what Wacko Maria represents through their garments visually expressed by...
110 AED
Over, Under, Around & Through Photographer : Tim Barber x Wacko Maria
Published by Wacko Maria, Softcover, 2013 Article: OUAATPTXW Starring: Clara Settje, Andrew Kuo, William Strobeck, Marc Hundley, Caleb Seppala, Balarama Heller, Kenan Juska, Justin Cox, Jonny Ollsin, Simon Seaman Sperms, Alice Waese, Spencer Sweney, Karley Sciortino, Jason Nocito, Weirdo Dave, Aaron...
200 AED
Wacko Maria by Larry Clark
Published by Wacko Maria, Softcover, 2014 Article: WMBLC This publication is a collaboration between the Japanese brand Wacko Maria and Larry Clark, focusing on what Larry Clark does best, capturing youth on the margins. The photographs are a mixture of...
250 AED