No Mercy-1 / C-Tee LS
NH custom long sleeve t-shirt that is soft to the touch and durable. Graphics printed on front and sleeves. One-wash treatment.
457 AED
94 / C-Tee SS
NH custom screen printed t-shirt. Graphics printed on front and back. One-wash treatment.
400 AED
FRAME x 2D2C2M I Can't Skate T-Shirt
“Going through the hassle, and a willingness to push through the learning pains."In collaboration with FRAME, this work describes a personal desire, a childhood's admiration, and respect for the sport. "I've admired the board since childhood. But failed to be...
200 AED
FRAME x ANTHLGY Fashion Backwards T-Shirt
ANTHLGY was established in 2015 with a vision to support the local skate and art scene. ANTHLGY's attributes are sarcastic, anarchic and parodic. The collaboration with FRAME incorporates theses characteristics of ANTHLGY. Designed by Rami Afifi, the t-shirt portrays a...
200 AED
FRAME x Shabab Intl. Memories in a Frame T-Shirt
Shabab is a platform and lifestyle brand that explores the world through sport and leisure. The design of the t-shirt created for FRAME encompasses elements of sentiment & nostalgic memories expressed in an honest manner through a soulful and simple drawing....
200 AED
Sold Out
FRAME x Lahjtna "A Trip To Mars" T-Shirt
Lahjtna is a peculiar bilingual brand founded by Aisha Abdulaziz. It's about Emirati dialects and culture, in which it addresses modern as well as traditional topics, trends, folklore stories and ideologies that have been passed down through generations. There are...
210 AED

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